Vaping CBD for antioxidants: What are the benefits?

The vaping community has been reading about the medicinal benefits of CBD or cannabidiol for years, one of which is its impressive antioxidant properties.  Unfortunately, far too many people tend to ignore these types of informative articles because they mistakenly assume that vaping CBD oil is essentially the same as smoking marijuana.  They’re vapers, not potheads after all.

To be clear, CBD is not weed.  In fact, it isn’t even manufactured from marijuana necessarily.  Most cannabidiols are hemp-based, and a significant portion of them are non-psychoactive, which means that the user rarely gets high.

But what exactly are antioxidants?  And precisely why are they good for physical, mental, and emotional health anyway?

Antioxidants and free radicals

The human body naturally produces free radicals which can cause severe damage to the immunity system, result in illness or disease, and even negatively affect memory.  Mother Nature provides lots of fruits and vegetable which are high in the necessary antioxidants required to combat these nasty substances.  Even many wines and beverages include them as well.

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Unfortunately, many Americans don’t necessarily eat as many of these life-affirming foods as they should.  Furthermore, many of the antioxidants ingested through fruits and vegetables are essentially destroyed during the digestive process of the human body.    Vaping CBD, on the other hand, gives the body of boost of antioxidant saturation almost instantly.

Oxidation occurs in the human body at the cellular level.  Whenever a cell creates energy, it also creates a certain amount of waste called free radicals.  Sadly, a free radical only has a single neutron, and because neutrons like to be partnered with other neutrons, the free radical tends to “steal” one from another healthy part of the human body.  This is known as oxidative stress.

Benefits of antioxidants

Most people are very aware that getting too much sun can lead to an overexposure of free radicals.  Therefore, most people tend to associate free radical damage with only skin disorders and complexion issues.   But this is not the case.

When the skin is exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light, a condition occurs called photo-oxidative damage which leads to the formation of singlet oxygen, peroxide radicals, and superoxide radicals.  It is these substances that can cause sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles, skin cancer, and even DNA damage in the more severe cases

Other areas of health where vaping high-antioxidant CBD can prove beneficial include the following.

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Eyesight problems
  • Memory and cognitive conditions
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders
  • Skin and complexion issues
  • DNA damage
  • Premature aging and wrinkles, Skin and other cancers
  • Immunity system depletion conditions
  • Overall detoxification the body

The production of singlet oxygen can also be particularly damaging to the immunity system.  Singlet oxygen has the unique capability of expediting the body’s natural production of highly toxic free radicals.  Many CBD products contain large amounts of the antioxidants astaxanthin and spirulina which specifically target those singlet oxygen particles while boosting the body’s immunity system simultaneously.   

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