Vaping activism works; All major news outlets now reporting Trump retreat on flavor ban

The vaping community has been under attack for over two years amid accusations of a teen vaping “epidemic” and, more recently, a potentially deadly lung disorder now attributed to illegal THC products. Over the years, vapers have been asked repeated by e-cig activists to sign online petitions, call their elected officials, and engage in social media campaigns designed to help save vaping.  Their efforts are finally beginning to pay off in a big, big way.

This weekend, nearly every major news outlet is now reporting that the president has decided to retreat from his earlier decision to ban vaping flavors due to political concerns regarding the 2020 Election. Apparently, the decision came during a November 4 flight to Kentucky where the president held a rally in support of Republican gubernatorial then-candidate Matt Bevin.  The official announcement to implement the ban was scheduled to occur on the following day, but Trump changed his mind at the very last-minute mid-air.

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According to The Washington Post, Trump said that he reversed his decision based on concerns about jobs and the potential political fallout.  The New York Times, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal have issued similar reporting.  CNN is calling the move “notable” because the First Lady was strongly in favor of the ban.

“A softening on his vaping position, however, is notable because first lady Melania Trump has become visibly involved amid growing concerns about the practice and its health effects. Last month, she hosted a listening session with a group of nine teenagers at the White House to learn more about how the growing trend has affected their lives. The President has also discussed his desire for his 13-year-old son Barron to not vape.”

However, ABC News affiliate WFIN in Washington, DC, is also reporting that a Trump flavor ban is “still possible” in the future.  The focus of its reporting stems from a Monday Tweet by the president stating the White House plans to hold a meeting with “the Vaping industry, together with medical professionals and individual state representatives.”  WFIN also confirms that major players within the vapor industry have yet to be contacted by the administration to set up a meeting.”

Well done vapers.  Take a bow.

When President Trump first announced his intentions on September 11 to implement a nationwide ban of flavored vapor products, reactions within activist groups on both sides of the debate were immediate and intense.  With the president then seemingly on-board the anti-vaping bandwagon, multiple governors – most of them democrats - began signing executive orders prohibiting the sales of these products in their respective states.

As vape shop owners began taking their issues to the courts, many of these governor-sanctioned flavor bans were halted or temporarily stymied by state judges.  Meanwhile, Republican candidate Bevin would go on to lose the Kentucky election, and a similar series of events were simultaneously unfolding in the Louisiana Governor’s race.

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Democrats would eventually win the Louisiana governorship on Saturday –-placing Trump in an even more politically perilous position.  Several of Trump’s advisers, including his campaign chairman Brad Parscale, have been recommending that the president withdrawal his intentions to ban vape flavors, and Trump conceded.

The American vaping community should be very proud of this moment in history. By rallying together and fighting for their rights to vape, they have managed to make a bold and undeniable statement about their political strength.  The future of vaping was hanging by a thread, and at least for this moment in time, they literally saved vaping from impending eradication.  Well done vapers.  Take a bow.

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