United Vapers Alliance is holding a rally in DC this Saturday; carpooling available

For vaping enthusiasts interested in preventing a Trump flavor ban, The United Vapers Alliance (UVA) is holding a rally in Washington, DC, this Saturday.  The November 8 event will take place between the hours of noon and 4 PM at The Ellipse, the beautifully majestic, 52-acre park located just north of the National Mall where America lights its National Christmas Tree every year. 

Citizens interested in making history this weekend should first visit the UVA Facebook page for some valuable information.  There is also a website called UnitedVapersAlliance.org.  The event organizers are taking great lengths to help educate those planning to attend on the do’s and don’ts of a successful rally.

For example, they repeatedly warn of being mindful of Secret Service personnel and the White House Press corp.  They also offer advice on how to deal with anti-vaping antagonists, warn against leaving backpacks unattended, and encourage proper hydration and other healthful tips. 

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On the Facebook site, there’s a special section devoted to What to bring and what not to bring.  The usually warnings against bringing weapons, alcohol, and illegal drugs are included, and event organizers also suggest not bringing any potentially embarrassing possessions that may be uncovered during a possible Secret Service inspection of your belongings.  As far as what to bring, they suggest water, snacks, comfortable footwear, clothing with lots of pockets, and maybe a rain poncho.

Parking, carpooling, bathrooms, and medical assistance

The UVA Rally is sure to be an exciting event, but for vapers who have never visited Washington, DC, in the past, be prepared.  Our founding fathers did not design the city with the most car-friendly layout.  Streets do not typically run parallel and perpendicular to one another, especially around The Ellipse area.  The map of the city is essentially laid out in a sort of star pattern with criss-crossing intersections, round-a-bouts, and other interesting obstacles.

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But don’t worry, according to the UVA Facebook thread entitled What to expect at the rally, there will be “Marshals on hand to assist with the crowd and they will be visible by neon vests.”  The site also discusses parking options, which will be limited and still require a healthy 15 to 30-minute walk to the UVA event, and event officials also warn that the Ellipse park bathrooms will be closed for construction while discussing other nearby alternatives.

Medical assistance will also be available at the 4-hour rally, and the Facebook page even offers a thread specifically devoted to carpooling options.  Especially for vapers in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and other east-coast localities, there are lots of potential contacts.  There’s even a post from someone in Payson, Arizona, trying to coordinate a cross-country caravan.

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