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Trump Transition: ‘Vaping Congressman’ Duncan Hunter on short list for cabinet post

California Rep. Duncan Hunter was one of the very first Republicans to officially endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States, and his loyalty may get him a big, new promotion.  According to several media outlets, Hunter is on the short list to serve as the President-Elect’s Secretary of Defense.  Joe Kasper, Hunter’s Chief of Staff, denied to comment last Friday when asked by reporters.

To the vaping community, this could be very good news.  Along with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who just won reelection in a very contentious race, Duncan Hunter is perhaps the most beloved politician among vaping advocates.  Nicknamed “The Vaping Congressman,” Duncan Hunter is famous for sucking on his favorite vape mod during a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting on February 11, 2016 where the topic of discussion was vaping on airplanes.  Hunter lost his argument, but his antics have earned him a faithful following from millions of American vapers.

What can Hunter do for the vaping community as Secretary of Defense?

A former U.S. Marine with three combat deployments under his belt, Rep. Hunter is no stranger to creative forms of conflict resolution.  As the possible Secretary of Defense, his official responsibilities would have very little to do with overturning the FDA deeming regulations, for example.  However, the Secretary of Defense is one of the most powerful positions in the entire presidential cabinet, one that guarantees a great deal of regular interactions between President Trump and Hunter, should he be so fortunate to be tapped.


With this increased amount of face-time, Hunter has the tremendous opportunity to grow his trust levels with President Trump on a whole host of other issues, including vaping.  On several occasions, Hunter may be in the room when other key appointees are discussing matters of state that have nothing whatsoever to do with military actions.

He will also be rubbing elbows with the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, the cabinet post who oversees the FDA.  Currently, Rep. Tom Price from Georgia is rumored to be a strong contender for that position, and Hunter and Price already seem to be rather friendly towards one another.  At least one leading vaping advocate strongly agrees.

“Conventional wisdom holds that President-elect Trump is going to have more time for Congressman Hunter than he would for the average two or three term congressman.”
-Stephen Conley of the American Vaping Association

Besides being a former U.S. Marine, Rep. Duncan Hunter is a four-term congressman and a member of the House Armed Services Committee.  Another Californian who will be joining Hunter in the White House is Santa Monica native Stephen Miller who is currently playing a key role on the Trump Transition Team.  Miller was also a Senior Advisor on the 2016 Trump campaign and may end up with a full-time position on Trump’s staff, as well.


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