Trump may be rethinking his ban on flavored vapes, says campaign chairman

The president’s campaign chairman, Brad Parscale, is privately warning Mr. Trump that his plans to ban vaping flavors nationwide could backfire in the 2020 election.  Right now, he is only considering the allowance of mint and menthol flavors on the market, but internal polling suggests that he may be willing to go even further.  This change in stance may be evidence that the vaping advocacy movement is actually be working.

Parscale has already commissioned an internal campaign poll that seems to indicate that a Trump-imposed flavor ban would not be popular among his supporters.  In fact, the statistics indicate that a significant portion of his base just happens to be vapers – or at least vaping-friendly.

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As an alternative to the flavor ban, The Washington Post is reporting that Trump and the campaign may “reframe the issue,”  instead focusing their attentions on a revised regulation that would increase the national vaping age to 21.  Other new requirements might include stricter penalties for underage sales violations and a new demand that vape shops and convenience stores keep their vaping supplies and e-cigarettes under lock and key.

Michigan Governor Whitmer’s vaping ban ‘looking untenable’

Trump and Parscale may also be reacting to a series of news stories surfacing regarding vaping bans recently implemented into law by several state governors via executive order.  Many of these bans have already been overturned or at least temporarily halted by the courts.

Fox News in Detroit is reporting that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s vaping ban is “looking less tenable” to the courts since the evidence is mounting that the “vaping-related” lung disease currently plaguing the nation is actually liked to Black Market THC products rather than FDA-regulated, nicotine-based alternatives.  Vape bans in New York, Oregon, and Massachusetts are also being debated heavily in the courts at the time of this writing. 

On September 11, President Trump first announced his intentions to initiate a flavor ban during a White House Press conference just as news was beginning to break of the mysterious surge in respiratory injuries apparently being “linked to vaping.”  Since then, the FDA and the CDC have both acknowledged that the lung ailments were the direct result of contraband THC-enhanced vapor cartridges. Conventional nicotine-based vapes are entirely non-related, and several illegal drug rings selling these tainted products have already been identified in Wisconsin and elsewhere. 

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