Trump considers legalizing weed while banning vaping; Pelosi on-board, too

Donald Trump claims he’s never smoked a cigarette in his life.  During the Kavanaugh hearings, he’s also claimed to have never had the pleasure of drinking a beer, not even a sip.  One might safely assume that his self-proclaimed untaintedness rolls over into smoking marijuana, as well.  Cocaine and Quaaludes, however, are definitely still up for debate, especially after seeing any one of those recent Trump Rallies.   

In all seriousness, news is making the rounds this week that POTUS is now hip on weed, not for himself necessarily, but for the American People.  In a recent interview on Fox Business, GOP Congresswoman Dana Rohrabacher of California stated that if a bill legalizing marijuana on a national scale landed on Trump’s desk, he would sign it – at least, for medical marijuana.  Recreational cannabis is apparently still up for debate with Trump preferring the latter matter to be left to the individual states.

“I have been talking to people inside the White House who know and inside the president’s entourage... I have talked to them at length. I have been reassured that the president intends on keeping his campaign promise.”
-  Dana Rohrabacher, Fox Business

Talks over possible federal legalization will likely occur after the midterm elections.  And Democratic Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is also seemingly on-board.   Should the Dems take control of the House in November, America might actually see bipartisanship finally occur between the two constantly-warring parties – over WEED, no less.

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During a press briefing last week in Washington, DC, Reporter Matt Laslo asked Minority Leader Pelosi if the Democrats would support “marijuana reform or marijuana decriminalization” should the party win control of the House after the midterms.

“Well, the marijuana initiatives have received bipartisan support on the floor of the House…I don’t know where the president is on any of this. So, any decision about how we go forward would have to reflect where we can get the result…But any success we could have would depend on the public weighing in…Again, you’ve heard me say it, over and over: Public sentiment is everything.”
-  Nancy Pelosi per Marijuana Movement

So, if Trump approves of legalized medical marijuana, then why hasn’t he done something about it?  He’s been President for nearly two-years, right?  Part of the problem might involve his hate-hate relationship with Attorney General Jess Sessions.  Not only do they disagree on how to deal with the Russian Collusion allegations, they also have vastly different opinions on marijuana legalization.  In early September 2018,  the Wall Street Journal reported the following.

“The applicants include a variety of entrepreneurs, as well as a university professor and a former Navy SEAL who wants to study how marijuana might help veterans suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress.
Republican and Democratic lawmakers have voiced frustration at the delays, saying Mr. Sessions has repeatedly avoided questions about the status of the applications. The inaction, they say, is stalling much-needed research into the potential health benefits of marijuana as society takes a more tolerant view of its use.
A DEA spokeswoman referred questions to the Justice Department, which declined to comment.”

If the Wall Street Journal’s reporting is correct, then AG Sessions would probably never support the legalization of marijuana – for research, for medical use, and certainly not for a “good, ole time!”  Thus, another significant reason to get rid of Sessions on the day after the midterm elections of November 6. 

Trump says ‘yes’ to legal marijuana and ‘no’ to flavored vaping?

Meanwhile in recent months, Trump’s Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been viciously attaching the vaping industry.  Chief Scott Gottlieb has been making the rounds in mainstream media, appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box, C-Span2, and everywhere in between. 

Gottlieb started by calling teen vaping a national “epidemic.” He followed that rant by calling for an FDA investigation into the alleged “kid-appealing” marketing practices of e-liquid and vape companies supposedly designed to lure young middle schoolers into the world of zero-nicotine vaping.  This led to another subsequent outburst by Gottlieb calling for a possible ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids nationwide.  This bombastic rhetoric somehow morphed within a mere few days into a possible federal ban also being considered regarding all online sales of vaping products including e-liquids, vape mods, attachments, and components.  The man just will not stop.

So where is Trump in all of this anti-vaping nonsense?  Trump hasn’t said much on the topic of vaping, but if he’s truly considering legalizing marijuana (just like his nemesis-nation Canada did about three months ago), then perhaps Ms. Rohrabacher should give him nudge and tell him:  Vape mods work with medical marijuana, too.  In fact, vaping weed is less costly to the user than smoking it, and the patient usually enjoys the medicinal benefits via the bloodstream much faster, too. 

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