Time is running out to comment on the FDA flavor ban probe for vaping

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On June 19, the federal probe soliciting comments on a possible flavor ban in the vaping industry will come to an end.  That’s just over two short weeks away.  The time has come for millions of American vapers to get active, to get involved, and to fight for their right to vape.

According to a press release issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government is seeking “public input” regarding three, very specific topics involving e-liquid flavors.  Anyone can leave a comment.  Respondents do not have to hold a PhD in medical research or be an elected official to participate.  The FDA wants to hear true stories from real people regarding the following three areas.

  1. Have flavored e-liquids used in vaping helped or hurt smokers in their efforts to quit? If so, how?  The FDA even encourages commenters to share personal stories.
  2. Have flavored e-liquids helped users to quit using other types of tobacco products, including cigars, pipe tobacco, and the smokeless varieties like snuff?
  3. How many vapers are dual users? For those who engage is dual use, how often do you vape?  How often do you smoke?  And in which scenarios do you either smoke or vape?

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According to the official FDA announcement published March 20, 2018, the deadline is fast approaching.  Furthermore, comments submitted after June 19 will not be considered.  The press release even provides an easy-to-follow link to submit electronic comments.  Handwritten comments sent via snail mail will also be accepted as long as they are postmarked on or before the deadline date.

“You may submit comments as follows. Please note that late, untimely filed comments will not be considered. Electronic comments must be submitted on or before June 19, 2018. The https://www.regulations.gov electronic filing system will accept comments until midnight Eastern Time at the end of June 19, 2018. Comments received by mail/hand delivery/courier (for written/paper submissions) will be considered timely if they are postmarked or the delivery service acceptance receipt is on or before that date.”

When Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and Dr. Konstantinos Poulas published the results of their online survey last month surrounding this same issue, they claim to have received over 69,000 comments from vapers around the nation.  For the FDA probe currently taking place, the current number of comments already received falls around 10,000.  This means that six times as many vapers responded to the Farsalinos-Poulas vaping survey compared to this FDA probe so far.  So, where are all the vapers?

To be clear, not everyone leaving comments on the FDA probe will be pro-vaping!

Vapers should not assume that all comments provided on the FDA probe are going to be decidedly pro-vaping.  In fact, it is almost certain that anti-tobacco lobbyists have been actively encouraging their millions of supporters to leave comments, as well.  The American Vaping Community is severely outnumbered, which is why it is so crucial for everyone to get involved.

Leaving a comment only takes a few seconds.  Or vapers can leave more eloquently worded personal stories, if they chose.   The point is to get involved.  Please leave a quick comment through the below included link.  Vapers unite!


Comment on the FDA probe

to ban flavored e-liquids today!

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  • i was smoking for 10 years and now i stop, been clean since i start vaping for like 2 years now it really help me no to go back to. if you gonna remove the flavor might as well sign our death certificate

    karl demesa on

  • Im so sick and tired of the FDA and Government playing BIG BROTHER with our lives! ban the smoking and vaping from anyone under the age of say 18 or 21, leave the adults alone….i am a 58 year old female and i enjoy vaping when i am having some cocktails, it also help me quit smoking real cigs. ive not smoked a traditional cig in over 5 years. i dont use my vaper all day/all night long unless i have say a beer. why does everyone have to be punished because of kids that want to try it. mind your own business big brother and leave us alone! for God Sakes. no matter what big brother tells you or changes the laws, people are going to do exactly what they want because no one want to be told what to do, its getting worse and worse, the american people will soon not be able to make their own choices any more, expecially if Big Brother does not agree, wait and see…

    Lena on

  • I like how they are trying to ban flavors because it appeals to teens. Like they are the only ones that like things to taste good haha. I’ve been vaping for 5 years and it was the only thing that got me away from a bad cigarette habit. Haven’t had a cigarette in almost 3 years.

    Chase on

  • Vaping has helped me quit smoking and I experience the flavors. I have copd and vaping has additionally helped that.

    sharon on

  • I had been smoking for 10 years I have tried quiting cold turkey, the patches, seein a doctor, going to candy or gum, I have tried everything you can imagine my husband and I both! We don’t like menthol at all, when we started vaping we quit smoking right away, the flavor of the juice is what saved me I have tried non flavor and that I can’t deal with but flavors and having a choice in choosing a def flavor is what has kept me from going back to smoking! I have also quit vaping and smoking all together thanks to just vaping but when I crave a cig I just pick up the vape to take away that craving ! It’s like people that quit turn to gum when they quit smoking well the flavor helps us ! The choice of all the def flavors are amazing ! If you take that from us then we will have nothing I don’t understand why want to take away all the flavors when it’s just as easy for cigs as well I mean you really think kids underage are not buying or getting cigs ? If anything they should band cigarettes! Cigarettes are way worst then vaping this I truest believe, since we have started vaping My husband and I use to smoke at least two to three packs a day since vaping and quitting we have been able to breath better, smell better, and sleep better! Vaping there is no nasty nicotine smell like cigarettes it actually smells good thanks to the def flavors we have to choose from! Please I promised my 9 year old that I would quit smoking and due to flavors of choosing for vaping I have been able to keep that promise please don’t help break that promise by taking away the flavors we have to choose from think about that, take away the cigarettes before taking away the one thing that is helping people change their lives for the better and their health ! Please !

    Annomous on

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