Tightening the screws: Congress lets deadline pass to change vaping rules predicate date

After threatening by tweet to veto the bill, Congress’s trillion-dollar, two-year budget proposal was signed into law without including a crucial provision that may have saved millions lives.  The Cole- Bishop Amendment was initially included in the 2,232-page document, but the provision was seemingly removed before Trump signed the bill into law. 

The current regulations state than any vaping product released for sale into the public market prior to February 15, 2007, must undergo an extensive Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process. Gaining approval will involve enormous amounts of bureaucratic red tape, take months if not years to obtain, and could cost retailers in upwards of $1 million per product.  The Cole-Bishop Amendment would have moved this predicate date forward to August 8, 2016.

Is vaping in America doomed?

With the amendment’s failure to gain widespread congressional support, nearly 99 percent of American vape shops are facing possible bankruptcy or forced closures.  The PMTA process is simply too expensive for most Mom and Pop vape shops. If thousands of vape shops are forced to close their doors, then the typical vaper will begin noticing a severe shortage of vaping supplies and e-liquids available for affordable prices.  Without vaping, millions will be tempted to relapse into a life of smoking.

“We are very disappointed that our Congress has failed to learn from the past and is clinging to an ‘abstinence-only’ approach regarding tobacco harm reduction.  While many in Congress understand the potential for this innovative industry to save millions of lives, leadership – especially among Democrats – demanded this simple date change be removed from the bill.”
““We now must change the Tobacco Control Act to create a rational, science-based approach to regulation of reduced-risk smoking alternatives.  This is our next focus and a goal we share with public health leaders.  We hope that wise heads will prevail and that lives can be saved in the very near future.”
-April Meyers, SFATA Board President

It’s been a tough week for the American vaping industry.  On Tuesday, FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb announced the launching of a new probe into the possible dangers and adverse health effectives of flavored e-liquids and tobacco products.  Meanwhile, numerous city legislatures are also attempting to pass local ordinances prohibiting the sales of flavored e-juice within city limits.

The future of vaping in American is under attack, and we urge all vapers to get involved and contact your elected officials.  Fight for your Right to Vape before it’s too late!

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