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The Trump Effect: ‘E-cig’ Senator Ron Johnson faces re-election turmoil

As Donald Trump continues to make waves in the news media, Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin readily admits that his own re-election campaign is facing an uphill battle.  Even though Johnson is the political darling of the e-cig and vaping industry, most insiders agree that the #NeverTrump campaign places the first-term senator at the top of the list of the most vulnerable politicians in the 2016 election cycle.  In fact, The New York Times and CNN recently ranked Sen. Johnson as #1.

While current statistics show Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton with a slight lead in the national polls, the winner come November will be the candidate that wins the most states and their associated delegates.  Key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia will be a deciding factor, while Florida, perhaps the most notorious swing state of them all, has already landed in the Clinton column.  If Trump keeps up with his current rhetoric that many consider to be racist and un-presidential, does he have any hope of winning in the fall?  Does Ron Johnson?


Political insiders on both sides of the aisle fear that the strong dislike of Donald Trump may result in voters choosing candidates strictly along party lines, in this case, the Democratic alternative. Meanwhile, both Former Presidents George W. Bush and Herbert Walker Bush refuse to endorse Trump or even attend the Republican National Convention on July 18.

Even more bizarre, billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch are publicly stating that they will be sitting out the 2016 presidential election cycle completely.  And these are two power-players who regularly throw hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaigns of the Republican presidential candidate, no matter who it is.  The Kochs do say that they will likely give money to some of the down-ticket candidates instead, perhaps people like Sen. Johnson.  But time is running out.

Johnson likens his re-election campaign to the 911 attacks.

Ron Johnson is a favorite of many in the vaping community for his growing concerns over the legality and potential consequences of the recently announced FDA e-cig regulations last May.   As Senate Chairman on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Johnson has already sent two letters to the FDA demanding further information and insight into how the agency arrived at their conclusions.  But if Johnson loses in November, who will pick up the torch?


To further illustrate just how ugly the Wisconsin Senatorial Race is getting, Johnson recently likened his re-election campaign to the devastating events of 911. 

“It may not be life or death, like the vote the passengers on United Flight 93 took, but boy is it consequential.”

Shortly afterward, a spokesperson for Johnson’s Democratic opponent, Russ Feingold, fired back.

"It's beyond bad taste for a sitting senator to compare a horrific national tragedy — one that unites all Americans — to his own partisan reelection."

The 2016 Presidential Election is proving to be one of the most controversial in history.  Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have particularly high favorability ratings with the American People.  But Trump is a Republican, and Republicans tend to support the vaping community more than Democrats. 

After all, it was the Obama Administration that enacted the FDA e-cig regulations in the first place, and at the very end of his presidency when he knew that they would be overshadowed by the coming election cycle.  But if Donald Trump fails to win the Oval Office and takes Ron Johnson down with him, will we ever be able to win the War on Vaping? 


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  • All vapors should send campaign donations to Senator Johnson—no matter how small. He is the champion we need. We should do everything we can to insure he stays in the Senate.

    jimmie traylor

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