The ‘kill vaping’ conspiracy: Regulator Watch releases shocking video interview

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is another horrendous story about vaping appearing in social media, mainstream media, and even scientific journals.  From claims that vaping causes lung cancer and popcorn lung, to horrifying allegations of baby poisonings that will make your skill crawl, the majority of the U.S. news about vaping seems to be overwhelmingly negative.

Yet in Europe, several countries and their public health officials are largely supportive of e-cigarettes as a safe and effective smoking cessation tool for tobacco harm reduction.  In 2015, Public Health England even published a report stating outright that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. 

But in the United States, these European scientific studies go largely ignored by our public health agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  In fact, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has been on a months-long rant in which he threatens to kill the American vaping industry entirely if his organization does not witness a dramatic and nearly instantaneous decline in underage vaping rates.

Panic and profits:  What behind the public push to kill vaping?

Where is all this terrifying news coming from?  That’s the question that Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch is addressing in a newly released video interview featuring Michelle Minton, Sr. Fellow from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  Ms. Minton recently published a white paper entitled Fear Profiteers: How e-cigarette panic benefits health activists of which she discusses much of her research with Stafford.

In the newly released Regulator Watch video interview, the resulting discussion between Minton and Stafford is shocking yet entirely plausible at the same time.  Everyone knows that there is dark money in politics, but are these same insidious forces also secretly influencing the national debate and legislative actions regarding vaping and public health?

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Are there really powers at work behind the scenes who are perfectly willing to profit from the deaths of perhaps millions of adult smokers by killing the American vaping industry?  Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch begins his video with a short monologue.

“If the tumultuous regulatory environment of 2018 taught industry stakeholders and consumers of risk-reduced tobacco products anything, it’s that opponents to vaping are well-funded, well-coordinated, and relentless.  But just how far down the conspiracy rabbit hole can one go when contemplating the machinations of public health agencies, anti-smoking advocacy groups, academia, and the media. Are they really working together in an orchestrated attempt to kill vaping?”

Mr. Stafford then introduces his guest, Ms. Minton.  He jumps right into the conversation by asking a very specific question. Is there a conspiracy against vaping?

“Well, a conspiracy is a plot among a bunch of people to do something harmful.  So, yes, I’d say there is.  It’s not as coordinated as an assassination attempt or anything, but there are hundreds, thousands of people who are working and being paid to – basically – kill the e-cigarette industry which will basically kill a lot of adult smokers.”
“I started noticing all these media stories about Juul and adolescents, and I started wondering.  Where is this coming from, because the research data wasn’t showing an epidemic?  It was showing a very small percentage of teenagers experimenting with e-cigarettes, but it didn’t – in my mind – nowhere near rising to the level of the panic that I was seeing in newspapers, on blogs, etcetera.”

E-cig advocates and pro-vaping academics have often pointed out these startling differences in statistical data.  Physicians like Dr. Konstantinos E Farsalinos of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Kallithéa, Greece and Dr. Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania, Italy, regularly debunk multiple published papers based on the intuitional distortion of publicly available data.  The statistic most often misquoted by the FDA, the CDC, and other public health agencies surrounds the claims of a nationwide teen vaping “epidemic.”

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The FDA says repeatedly that there has been a nearly 80 percent surge in underage e-cig use over the past year.  However, experts like Polosa, Farsalinos, and now Michelle Minton disagree.  “Use” does not necessarily mean “daily use.”  The term “use” most typically means “experimentation,” which most teens are prone to do whether the substance-in-question is alcohol, combustible tobacco cigarettes, or even sex.

Is public opinion on vaping being manipulated by bogus data?

In the interview with Regulator Watch, Ms. Minton explains why she believes that the intentional miscalculation and misrepresentation of national statistics on teen vaping is so consistently prevalent among statements by the FDA and CDC, the mainstream media, and academics. 

“So, I started asking.  Where is this coming from?  And as I did my research, I started talking to health departments, and looking at what the FDA and CDC were doing, and academics, I noticed a lot of similarities in their language.  I noticed that they were – the efforts appeared very coordinated. And as I dug in, I realized that it is coordinated.  They are working together constantly, talking about their strategy and what they’re going to say, and how they’re to do it.  And when you really think about it, it’s intuitive, why they are working together is because everybody profits when there is an enormous panic about something related to health.”

The remainder of the video interview goes much deeper into the seemingly well-coordinated and well-funded effort to kill the American vaping industry.  For those who have always wondered why the FDA keeps belittling a product specifically designed to save millions of lives of adult smokers, this interview and the related white paper by Michele Minton are well worth a look. 

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