The Final Countdown: FDA probe on vaping flavors ends in 4-days on July 16

Almost four months ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the launching of a new probe into the possibility of a nationwide flavor ban for the American vaping industry.  As the original June 19 was approaching last month, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb extended the deadline by another 30-days.  The drop-dead date is now only seven short days away, and the urgency for vapers to submit comments has never been more critical.

On Sunday, Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch broke the news that the FBI is conducting an investigation into the probe amid accusations of wrong doings and nefarious spamming actions by an unknown agent.  According to Stafford’s sources from within the agency managing the probe – the FDA’s Division of Dockets Management, the agency received more than 255,000 electronic submissions in a matter of hours on the Friday afternoon before the July 4 holiday.  

Of the over one-quarter of a million spammed comments, each was aggressively anti-vaping in nature – stacking the deck in favor of an FDA flavor ban in the future.  Furthermore, they each contained almost identical language in some sections. Suspicions that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is behind the anti-vaping spamming are widespread though unproven at the time of this writing.

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The need for vapers to submit electronic comments is more crucial than ever.  In early June just days before the original FDA deadline, San Francisco passed the controversial Proposition E which bans the sales of flavored e-liquids and tobacco products throughout the bay area.

Why is the FDA probe so critical to the future of vaping?

New York followed suit shortly thereafter with similar flavor ban legislation. But thanks in large part to the efforts of the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA), Senate Bill S8610 failed to obtain a floor vote before the summer break.  Still, there is a small chance that the bill might reappear for a vote in the state congress in early 2019.

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If the FDA could be convinced that flavored e-liquids are a help rather than a hinderance to public health, then perhaps these numerous municipal and state vaping ban proposals will begin to disappear from the political landscape.  The best way to convince the FDA is to submit comments to the official probe via the Regulations.gov website.  Anyone can submit comments, but the FDA is requesting public input regarding three, very specific areas.

  1. Have flavored e-liquids helped Americans to quit smoking? If so, why and how? The FDA encourages the sharing of personal stories, but shorter responses are also encouraged.
  2. Have flavored e-liquids helped Americans to quit other types of tobacco products, like cigars, snuff, and pipe tobacco? If so, why and how?
  3. How many American vapers are also dual users – meaning that they switch between smoking and vaping throughout the day? For dual user, how much vaping versus smoking occurs per day? In which environments and/or situations does the dual user either smoke or vape? 

At the time of this writing, there are approximately 500,000 submissions to the FDA probe.  However, nearly 60% of these comments are fraudulent due to the contemptuous actions of last Friday’s anti-vaping spamming campaign.  Vapes.com encourages all vapers to get involved immediately by submitting electronic comments and personal stories to the FDA probe within the next 7-days.  After July 16, the vaping community may never have another chance to positively influence FDA officials like Commissioner Scott Gottlieb ever again!


Vapers Unite!  Click Here to submit comments to the FDA probe. The future of vaping depends on YOU!!


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