The FDA hotline for deeming regulations (and flavor ban) complaints

In May 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a 24/7 hotline to field questions and concerns involving the newly released deeming regulations.  The hotline is still in use today by vape shops and merchants that consistently have questions related to the upcoming ingredients listings protocols and other deeming-related matters.  If anyone in the vaping industry has an emergent question about compliance issues, they can simply call the hotline at 1-877-287-1373.

However, many vapers are now picking up the phone to express their discontent over the FDA’s recent announcement of a 90-day probe into the possibility of a flavor ban on e-liquids sold in the United States.  According to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the agency is only seeking “public input” at this time.  Gottlieb is essentially soliciting feedback from public health officials, scientists, economists, and average vapers and vape shop owners regarding the probable positive or negative consequences if such a ban were to be implemented.

The vaping community has only until June 19, 2018 to respond before the FDA probe terminates.  That’s less than two-months away.  Vaping advocacy groups are encouraging everyone to participate.  Vapers can call the hotline, write an email, or respond in written form via the U.S. Post Office (snail mail).  The FDA website states the following:

“You may submit comments as follows. Please note that late, untimely filed comments will not be considered. Electronic comments must be submitted on or before June 19, 2018. The https://www.regulations.gov electronic filing system will accept comments until midnight Eastern Time at the end of June 19, 2018. Comments received by mail/hand delivery/courier (for written/paper submissions) will be considered timely if they are postmarked or the delivery service acceptance receipt is on or before that date.”

Vapers can share positive stories of a personal nature regarding how flavored e-liquids have been instrumental in helping them to quit smoking.  They can share stories of how the additional regulations may negatively affect their small businesses or places of employment.  Or they can complain about any aspect of the proposed flavor ban that they deem applicable.  The FDA does not discourage anyone from participating, although the likelihood that anti-vaping lobbyists will be aggressively active in the probe is very high.

For questions, concerns, or complaints related to the FDA deeming regulations or a proposed flavor ban on e-liquids, please contact the FDA Hotline at


Or respond electronically via the FDA website at


While an FDA flavor ban is not currently in place, the 2015 deeming regulations are proof that new restrictions could magically appear at almost any time and without much prior notice.  Furthermore, the specifics of a possible flavor ban may be far more severe than the vaping community is currently imagining.  The current focus of the probe seems to be largely targeting menthol flavored tobacco products and e-liquids, but a total ban on flavors of all kinds is a definite possibility.  According to the FDA and Commissioner Gottlieb, the increase in teen vaping – real or imagined – may be reason enough to ban all flavored e-liquids with “kid-appealing” names like cotton candy and gummy bear.

Please get involved before it’s too late!  Help prevent an FDA flavor ban.  Vaping saves lives!

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