Switching to vaping provides noticeable energy boost within days or even hours

There’s a strange and positive phenomenon that often occurs when someone switches from smoking to vaping, and it’s rarely reported except among members of the vaping community itself.  The secret side effect is that the newbie vaper often describes a noticeable boost in physical energy and mental focus shortly after making the switch.   

Many further claim to wake up faster and clearer-minded with a stronger desire to jump right into their day.  The prior morning ritual involving long stretches of coffee drinking, cigarette smoking, and channel-flipping through a series of morning news shows quickly subsides.  And these newbie vapers find themselves starting their day earlier and with more pep in their step.

While the timeline varies, this energy boost can appear seemingly overnight or gradually over a period of a few weeks.  The timeline also depends on several different factors, which can include the following.

      • The number of years that the newbie vaper has previously smoked combustible tobacco products
      • The number of cigarettes smoked per day before making the switch`
      • The age, weight, and respiratory health of the newbie vaper
      • The vaper’s daily exercise regime both before and after making the switch to vaping
      • The nicotine concentration levels of the e-liquid being vaped

The scientific reasoning behind this life-changing energy boost is simple.  The e-liquids in vaping are 100% tobacco-free, whereas combustible cigarettes and the inhaled smoke is laced with tar, chemicals, hundreds of toxins, and upwards of 70 carcinogens.

The tar in cigarette smoke is what is primarily responsible for the associated lung damage, which depletes physical energy and makes normal, daily functions like climbing stairs or going for a walk much more laborious.  

Switching to vaping begins repair lung damage instantly

As soon as a newbie gives up the tobacco and starts vaping without dual usage, they are no longer exposing their bodies to the tar, and their lungs immediately begin to repair themselves.  The years of tar inhalation and toxic buildup begin to be expunged immediately from the body. 

After switching from tobacco to vaping, newbies also automatically begin to breathe more deeply minute-to-minute, often without even noticing.  As the body ingests more and more oxygen – oxygen that is not laced with tar, chemicals, and carcinogens – every area of the body reaps the rewards.

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The blood becomes more oxygenated, which in turn acts as a sort of natural detoxicant for the respiratory, cardiovascular, musculature, and other bodily systems.  Cells begin to repair and duplicate more quickly and efficiently, and our overall health improves. We feel stronger, cleaner, more powerful.

This higher oxygenated blood also works its way to the brain, which creates the positive side effect of increased mental clarity and focus.  Our brain suddenly feels as if it’s hitting on all cylinders.  And this combination of improved physical and mental health gives newbies an increased sense of general well-being. 

Be aware of e-liquid nicotine strengths

One of the possible contributing factors that can either expedite or stall the impending energy boost is the nicotine strength in the e-liquid that the newbie vaper vapes.  Generally speaking, a good range would be between 12-16 mg.  But in some cases where the body is not receiving enough nicotine to feed its nicotine addiction through vaping, the newbie vaper may experience some minor negative withdrawal symptoms even when using only electronic cigarettes

One of these side effects is a brief period of depression or moodiness.  Smokers trying to quit cold turkey often report their tendency to take a lot of naps or to feel energy-depleted throughout the day. 

Since most people cannot afford to stay home all day and nap, they sometimes overcompensate yet again by drinking lots of coffee or eating lots of snacks – anything to take their minds off of smoking and their foul mood.   Newbies to vaping can experience much of these same emotions if the nicotine strength of their e-liquid is too low.

In 2015, Public Health England released scientific data indicating that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.  For smokers looking to improve their health, fitness, energy levels, and mental clarity all at the same time, making the switch to vaping can bring noticeable advantages.  For real-life examples, the E-cigarette Forum has been buzzing about this secret energy boost for years. 

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