Steve Forbes blasts ‘witless prohibitionists’ for public frenzy over vaping

When the owner of one of the world’s most reputable business magazine publicly denounces the FDA for excessive government overreach, it may be time to rethink its policies.  FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has been on a mainstream media rampage all summer accusing vapor companies of intentionally marketing their products to kids.  He’s almost a weekly guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box where hosts Joe Kernen and Becky Quick lob softball questions, sit back, and let him pontificate at nauseum against vaping.

Rarely do television anchors question Mr. Gottlieb about the real dangers of smoking.  Any scientist or public health expert worth a grain of salt knows that it’s the nasty tar and thousands of toxic chemicals found in combustible cigarettes that’s the real killer.  It is most assuredly not the nicotine.  

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Steve Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, and he seemingly agrees with the scientists.  In a November 19 Op-Ed, he issues the following statements.

“For no rational reasons, healthcare officials and antismoking crusaders are waging war against vaping, even though millions of people have found it to be the only effective way to give up smoking. Users get the pleasure of nicotine while avoiding tar and other substances in cigarettes that are truly lethal. What are these witless prohibitionists inhaling”

When Gottlieb appears on these talk shows, he also tends to forget to mention that the U.S. smoking rates are at an historic low.  Furthermore, numerous research studies indicate that the decrease in smoking rates is directly proportional to the rise in popularity of vaping.  If this is true, then what is really driving this ridiculous and potentially dangerous antivaping crusade of Gottlieb? 

FDA and antivaping activists are a bunch of ‘worrywarts’

Really.  What is so bad about vaping, especially if it keeps millions of teenagers from experimenting with cigarettes?  Ask any adult smoker over the age of thirty, and they will almost always say that they first got hooked on smoking when they were in their teens.  If instead today’s youth are now experimenting with vaping, isn’t that a good thing?  Steve Forbes has an opinion on that fun fact, too.

“In the U.S. the FDA and other worrywarts fret that teenagers are taking up vaping in "epidemic" proportions, ignoring the fact that many of these young people would be smoking and/or drinking more if they didn't vape. Nonetheless, federal regulators are threatening drastic steps to ban vaping or sharply curtail its legal availability.”

The funny thing about Steve Forbes is that he is a staunch, diehard Republican.  He’s vehemently opposed to government regulation, favors a federal income tax form that could fit on a standard post card, and hates the Affordable Healthcare Act.  In fact, he’s even written a best-selling novel entitled Reviving America: How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming the Fed will Restore Hope and Prosperity.

Forbes is definitely and absolutely not a Democrat.  He’s even been a GOP candidate for President – TWICE!

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And neither is FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb nor his boss Donald Trump – who coincidentally has been slashing government regulations with astonishing speed since taking office.  Trump routinely kills regulatory actions with the stroke of a pen on everything from coal mining to environmental protections.

Trump doesn’t need congressional approval to eliminate these government regulations.  He simply signs a Presidential Executive Order, and POOF!  Government regulations be gone! 

So, why is a Republican-controlled White House and Congress pushing for NEW regulations on the vaping industry while simultaneously erasing thousands of others across nearly every business sector imaginable?

According to Mr. Forbes, this “antivaping hysteria is unhealthy.”  That, Mr. Forbes, is putting it mildly.  In fact, one might even suggest that it could be downright deadly. 

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