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Spain vape survey suggests flavored e-liquids help reduce nicotine addiction

American public health officials may have lingering doubts that vaping helps smokers quit, but new research out of Spain shows just how effective it truly is.  Spanish vaping advocacy groups ANESVAP and ASOVAPE partnered with the national business association UPEV to survey some 9,721 vapers spanning 32 countries.

The researchers distributed the survey via the Internet, snail mail, and public displays in local vape shops throughout each of the participating nations.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest percentage of participants came from Spain, or 5,509 respondents in total.  Although the results are published in Spanish, the paper entitled RADIOGRAFIA DEL VAPEADOR 2017  is readily available for review online.

Overview of Spain vape survey

The results seem to indicate several significant findings.  Firstly, the statistics indicate that vaping is not a gateway to smoking, as so many US-based anti-vaping lobbyists tend to claim.  Secondly, vapers vape for all sorts of reasons, but the most common seems to be “to quit smoking.”  And perhaps even more astonishing, the survey also suggests that having an abundance of choices of e-liquid flavors tends to reduce nicotine addiction and dramatically increases the chances of quitting smoking long-term by as much as 92%.

  • 9,721 vapers participated in the survey.
  • Participants spanned 32 countries.
  • The average age of vaping respondents was 39-years.
  • The average length of vaping experience was 1.83 years.
  • 96% of those surveyed claimed to be active smokers before taking up vaping.
  • 39% of respondents claim that vaping helped save them from a two-pack-a-day smoking addiction.
  • 92% claim that vaping helped them quit smoking permanently.
  • 92% experienced notable improvements in their health after switching to vaping.
  • 59% stated that their health had improved significantly.
  • The average e-liquid nicotine strength when first making the switch to vaping was 12mg.
  • This figure dropped sharply to 4mg as the vapers became more experienced.
  • 86% claim that having a variety of e-liquid flavors is essential to their long-term success.
  • Most of these vapers also claim that flavor variety helps reduce their dependence to nicotine.
  • While the primary reason given for switching to vaping was “to quit smoking,” 22% also claim that financial reasons played a significant role. Another 4% like being able to vape in places where smoking is banned.

The Spanish vape survey provides many significant insights into the appeal and popularity of vaping worldwide, but one notable statistic truly stands out.  The ability to vape different flavors of e-juice seems to have a direct and positive relationship to a decrease in nicotine dependence.  As beginning vapers begin to locate their favorite e-juice recipes and brands, their e-liquid nicotine concentration levels tend to plummet over time.

San Francisco, are you listening? 


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