Social media goes bonkers when Sutton manager is caught vaping during FA Cup contest

When the manager of the Sutton United Soccer Team, Paul Doswell, was caught on camera by Fox Sports openly vaping during the Wimbledon match yesterday, social media went absolutely bonkers.  Even the announcers had a bit of fun with it, referring to his stress pipes as Doswell continued to take long pulls from his vape pen without seemingly a care in the world.

The Sutton vs. Wimbledon matchup may have resulted in a scoreless draw, but Doswell’s vaping made the entire event far more entertaining than previously expected.  Twitter immediately blew up as many viewers sided with the Sutton Manager for his calm and cool demeanor, cloud-chasing aside.  One Tweeter even said “That manager was VAPING on the sidelines!  The FA Cup is magical!!!!!”

Sutton Manager Paul Doswell becoming vaping sensation

Of course, Doswell had his fair share of detractors, but several fans considered the online hullaballoo no big deal. And when the Chairman of the Sutton United team was asked for comment, Bruce Elliott stated that Doswell is not your ordinary manager and is essentially free to do as he likes.

"We don’t pay him. It’s unique. Actually, not only do we not pay him a penny, he sponsors us. So he’s actually paying us to be our manager.  That’s how much he loves this club."

This is just another example of the huge differences in public opinion that the UK and the USA have regarding vaping.  When Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were seen vaping at the 2014 Golden Globes, public outrage in America was so loud and over-the-top that the producers demanded that movie stars and celebrities remained vape-free for the next year’s broadcast.

But the UK seems to recognize that managing a sports club is a very stressful job, and keeping calm and relaxed under pressure is just part of the game.  The YouTube video of the vaping event can be located online. 


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