Siegel on vaping-linked lung news: Why is CDC ‘protecting marijuana drug cartel?’

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently engaged in an anti-vaping campaign of epic proportions when its real focus should be on the vaping of unregulated marijuana products.  This is an allegation of a Boston University professor of the Department of Community Health Sciences Dr. Michael Siegel.

As the mainstream media continues to promote this grossly inaccurate story, the alleged death toll of the mysterious lung disorder continues to escalate.  As of this writing, five deaths are now being linked to the generic term of “vaping.”  Is the CDC’s failure to accurately warn the public against Black Market cannabis products contributing to the increasing mortality rates?

Meanwhile, hundreds of Mom and Pop vape shops are being run out of business by local mayors issuing immediate bans on flavored vaping products, perhaps in an effort to boost re-election efforts for 2020.  To be clear, of the nearly 500 alleged cases of mysterious lung diagnoses from over 30 states, so far none of them have been directly linked to legal, FDA-regulated, flavored e-liquid products.  A growing number, however, are being directly or indirectly linked to the vaping of THC-enhanced oils. 

Boston University Public Health Expert outraged

Earlier in the week in an interview with USA Today, Dr. Siegel stated that he believed the CDC was being “unintentionally vague”  regarding the associated symptoms and underlying scientific evidence of the vaping-linked lung disorders.  In an updated statement last Friday, Dr. Siegel seems to now imply that the lack of information may not be unintentional at all, but rather the CDC seems to be deliberately “protecting the marijuana drug cartel.”

“We now know that the majority of cases of the severe respiratory disease outbreak that has affected more than 300 people and resulted in three deaths across the United States are associated with the use of illicit, bootleg marijuana vape carts that are produced by what is most likely a relatively small cartel of illegal manufacturers…The CDC itself reported today that a cluster of cases of lipoid pneumonia (sic) in North Carolina were all associated with the use of bootleg THC oils.”
“Shockingly, in the CDC's most recent alert, the recommendations to the public do not include a specific warning against vaping marijuana vape carts. The CDC's primary warning is: ‘While this investigation is ongoing, people should consider not using e-cigarette products.’ Moreover, nowhere in the paragraph that contains the CDC's recommendations do the words ‘marijuana’ or ‘THC’ even appear! Not even once.

“In spite of this information, the CDC continues to avoid clearly warning the public not to vape THC oils! Instead, they are continuing to focus on all vaping products and their primary advice is still: ‘don't vape.’”

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Indeed, in just the past week, several local mayors have issued similarly irresponsible warnings to their constituents about the urgent need to avoid the use of all vapor products while failing to highlight the most important point.  Marijuana vaping – not FDA-regulated conventional e-liquids - should probably be avoided at all costs.  In not doing so, these government officials are acting against the interests of public health in at least two very distinctive ways.

  • They are failing to warn parents that their children may be engaging in marijuana use.
  • By attacking the delivery system (vaping) rather than the perceived source of the lung ailments (marijuana), these elected officials are coming dangerously close to adding to the death count by scaring millions of adult smokers back into the loving arms of Big Tobacco.

NBC News is reporting that Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York issued a public statement on Saturday.  "Our health guidance is no one should be using vaping products, period, until we know what it (the cause of the mysterious lung ailments) is." Yet just 48-hours earlier, the New York Department of Health announced the launching of an investigation into the likelihood that Vitamin-E acetate commonly found in marijuana products is the true culprit. 

Political hysteria over unfounded vaping fears escalates

Cuomo’s reckless statements were preceded earlier in the week by an equally startling announcement by the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D).  In her press interviews, Whitmer boasts of implementing a statewide ban on flavored vapes within less than 30-days.  Her groundless accusations against bubble-gum and fruity-flavored e-liquids have absolutely nothing to do with the current outbreaks of respiratory disorders, even according to the CDC.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Yonkers is also calling for a similar vaping ban, and the mayor of Buffalo has issued a six-month moratorium on vapor purchases citywide.  Their public statements carelessly target flavored vapes while completely ignoring the most probably perpetrator – unregulated and Black Market marijuana oils. By continuing to follow the lead of a negligent CDC, politicians across the country are also becoming complicit in the systematic protection of what Siegel calls the “marijuana drug cartel.”

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(Image courtesy of Boston University/YouTube)

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