Siegel: ‘Don’t let the CDC fool you;’ Agency is playing with children’s lives

Dr. Michael Siegel is a Boston University Professor of Public Health and Community Health Sciences with over 32-years of expert experience in tobacco control research and governmental policies.  He’s written over 70 white papers and scientific studies involving tobacco harm reduction, and he’s even spent two years working at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Siegel is now blowing the whistle on his former employer by accusing the public health agency of unprofessional and intentional misconduct in its gross mishandling of the “vaping-related” lung scare of recent weeks.  According to the website Tobacco Analysis, the proverbial last straw that has lead to Siegel’s public admonishing of the CDC stems from a recent headline published in The Dallas News, “Updated: Dallas has 17 hospitalizations linked to vaping, county health official reports.”

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Nowhere in the title do the words “marijuana” or “Black Market THC” appear, even at this late stage in the controversy.  In fact, Siegel notes that the reader must travel to the eleventh paragraph of the article before they discover the truth behind the alarming headline.  "Ninety percent of the Dallas County cases reported vaping THC products.”

CDC is intentionally downplaying the role of Black Market THC

Siegel suggests that the mainstream media is misreporting this salacious story largely because agencies like the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are intentionally downplaying the role of Black Market THC cartridges.  He then makes his accusations abundantly clear by accusing the CDC of having a “pre-existing bias against electronic cigarettes” like Juul and other nicotine enhanced vapor products designed to help smokers quit. 

“The CDC has continually downplayed the role of THC vape carts in the outbreak and even today, continues to blame it on electronic cigarettes generally. Most revealing is the fact that every time the CDC even mentions a potential role of THC, it immediately undermines it by emphasizing that The investigation has not identified any specific e-cigarette or vaping product (devices, liquids, refill pods, and/or cartridges) or substance that is linked to all cases.’

“Don't let the CDC fool you. What they're not telling you is that in epidemiological outbreak investigations, we almost never identify a single exposure that ties together all of the cases. This is why we calculate odds ratios to estimate the strength of association between the exposure and the cases. If every single case was associated with a single exposure, then it wouldn't take an epidemiological analysis to identify the source of the outbreak.”
Siegel also cites several historic examples of mysterious outbreaks of strange diseases seemingly occurring almost out of thin air.   One example cites a 2006 case where Nebraska public health officials became concerned when a growing number of people who had previously swum in a hotel pool were contracting a severe ocular illness.

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Upon further investigation, the CDC determined that only 83% of the related 24 medical diagnoses had some confirmable link to the hotel pool.  The causes of the remaining 17% could never be identified. Siegel discusses several additional examples like the hotel pool case, none of which could ever be 100% proven by the CDC to be linked to a specific product or individual causational factor. 

In the case of the more recent “vaping-related” lung disorders, initial studies conducted by California and New York state-funded public health agencies both conclude that nearly 90% of all cases across each state are directly linked to the vaping of Black Market THC cartridges.

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Furthermore, law enforcement officials in Kenosha, Wisconsin, arrested two men a couple of weeks ago for allegedly conducting an illegal drug ring.  With a staff of at least ten employees, the Huffhines brothers stand accused of making illegal THC vape cartridges and selling about 3000-5000 of them PER DAY!

Coincidentally, Wisconsin is Ground Zero of the “vaping-related” lung disorders.  Yet, the Huffhines brothers are rarely mentioned in any of the “vaping-related” headlines or articles published in mainstream media.  Nor have the CDC or the FDA included the Huffhines in any of their public postings.  

Because of the CDC’s anti-vaping bias, Siegel continues, the federal government is failing miserably in its attempts to warn the American Public – teenagers, most especially - of a significant and potentially deadly health threat that has now infiltrated 36 states and is linked to at least seven deaths.  Yes, the CDC may hate conventional nicotine vaping – for whatever reason – but this blind hatred is essentially “playing with children's health and lives.”

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