Sen. ‘Dick’ Durbin lies; blames flavored vapes rather than THC for current lung scare

Democrat Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin is once again engaging in political grandstanding by issuing misleading statements, and in some cases outright lies, about the current “vaping-related” news stories.  As headlines from mainstream media continue to blame vaping for a recent surge in weird medical diagnoses of a previously unknown respiratory disorders, the scientific and academic communities have already identified the most likely cause: illegally obtained or Black Market THC products.

In a recent Twitter post, even the former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Scott Gottlieb confirms.

“Based on current reports it’s likely to be case most of the vaping injuries are related to illegal products and mostly THC and CBD. It’s not clear FDA can regulate vape pen not sold for use with tobacco nicotine. Congress may need to expand FDA’s authority.”

Around the same time, public health scientists from both California and New York state agencies further confirm that all of the “vaping-linked” lung cases across each state are directly linked to the vaping of Black Market THC products.  ALL cases. A few days later, Gottlieb appears on the CNBC news show Squawk Box and makes an even more declarative statement based on this scientific data. 

“Based on the information we have right now what we’ve seen from these state reports, it looks like these are going to be illegal vapes – largely vapes with THC or CBD in them., so, cannabis or cannabis-derived vaping products. It doesn’t look like these are legitimately legally sold vapes that contain nicotine products that are sold by the big brands.”

So, what does Senator “Dick” do next?  He completely ignores the New York and California public health experts as well as the former FDA Chief Gottlieb.  He then holds a press conference with ABC News and other mainstream press while conspicuously using the Children’s Hospital of Chicago as a backdrop.  He then demands that the FDA strengthen its government regulations against flavored vapor products.

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Throughout his made-for-tv moment, Durbin refuses to even acknowledge the real threat of illicit THC.  His failure to do so could quite possibly lead to an increase in the related death toll that now stands at a reported six cases and counting.

“We’ve put the industry on notice: If the disturbing rise in youth e-cigarette use continues, especially through the use of flavors that appeal to kids, we’ll take even more aggressive action. We will do what’s necessary to end the youth e-cigarette epidemic...”
"Why are these highly addictive, dangerous products allowed to remain on the market? Because the Food and Drug Administration remains, basically, undirected and misdirected when it comes to dealing with this threat."

Senator “Dick” already knows that the real health threat currently facing both American teens and adults is marijuana vaping – not the already federally regulated nicotine vaping industry. He also knows that American manufacturers of nicotine-enhanced e-liquids used in e-cigarettes must follow strict quality control procedures.  They must also adhere to strict ingredients listing protocols and warning label requirements by the FDA.  Meanwhile, their facilities are also susceptible to instantaneous and unannounced visits by certification and quality control agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. 

Senator ‘Dick’ prefers weed over vapes

The strange and truly devious thing is:  Senator “Dick” also knows that the American cannabis industry has none of these requirements for federal oversight. Zero.  The legal and recreational cannabis industries are currently and totally unregulated by the federal government.  If he truly wants to make a public statement that could safeguard the American public against this mysterious lung ailment, then he would logically demand that the FDA begin regulating the marijuana industry.

But Senator “Dick” does not so that.  He goes for the low-hanging political fruit.  The American People are already very suspicious of vaping – in general – but they also tend to LOVE legalized weed. So, he chooses to lie and blame "flavored vapes."

Coincidentally, the State of Illinois - which Senator “Dick” hails from -  just became the 11th state in the union to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. That’s lots of extra tax dollars and political campaign contributions for good, ole Senator “Dick.” Therefore, blaming illegal, unregulated or Black Market THC products is simply out of the question.

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(Image courtesy of ABC News/YouTube)

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