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Search warrant issued to Florida Vape Shop ‘Up in Smoke’

On Wednesday morning, August 31, state agents from the Division of Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco issued a search warrant to the Up In Smoke vape shop located in Roseland, Florida.  State officials are not commenting on the nature of the investigation and will not confirm if anyone was charged with any crimes.  However, a sign on the front door of the establishment stating “Closed until further notice” is sending a rather ominous message to the local vaping community.

The area newspaper TC Palm posted only a short blurb on their website yesterday evening about the incident, but the message is clear.  The FDA deeming regulations have taken effect as of August 8, 2016, and both state and government agencies mean to enforce them at all costs.  Among the many business practices that are now considered illegal include:

  • No offering of free e-liquid samples to the public.
  • No offering to help customers build or repair technology and coils.
  • No offering of new sales products to the public without an approved Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA).
  • No selling to minors.
  • No selling of vaping products through vending machines unless the establishment is “Adults Only.”

Vape shop owners hearing rumors of ‘vape busts’

While the reasons for the state issued search warrants for Up In Smoke are currently clouded in mystery, vaping advocacy groups around the country will be watching the Roseland story very closely.  Since the FDA deeming regulations have taken effect, social media has been buzzing with rumors of undercover FBI agents and minors posing as adult customers attempting to trick vape shop employees into disobeying the law.  The Roseland case may be the vaping industry’s first proof that violation of the FDA deeming regulations can have devastating consequences, both criminally and financially.

(Photo courtesy of TCPalm.com)



The TC Palm website recently issued a follow-up article.  Apparently, the Roseland, Florida incident was the result of an employee selling roll-your-own cigarettes, which is a violation of the law.  According to the Surgeon General, all cigarettes must follow proper labeling requirements.   The same is true for all vaping products, including e-liquids.

Undercover agents for the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco made three visits to the Up In Smoke shop since July 12 before allegedly catching the culprit in the act. The clerk’s name is Tyler Scott Troisi, and he was charged with “selling nontax cigarettes and failure to have cigarette warning labels.”  He posted $1,000 bail.  Up In Smoke sells both vaping and conventional tobacco products.


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