Schumer panics over FDA Chief departure; demands immediate vaping reform

When the current head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced his resignation last Tuesday, the vaping community collectively breathed a sigh of relief.  Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, on the other hand, seems more than a bit panicked. 

Chuck Schumer is a smoker.  He’s smoked nasty, cancer-causing, combustible tobacco cigarettes for decades.  On more than one occasion, he’s even taken money from Big Tobacco in the form of campaign contributions.  So, when the New York Post reported on March 10 that the Minority Leader was calling for Gottlieb – a Republican appointee – to ban kid-friendly vaping flavors before leaving office, one cannot help but notice the ominous undertones.

“I’m publicly calling on Commissioner Gottlieb to ensure the ban on kid-friendly e-cig flavors is enacted within the month before he leaves. Because a ban on the kid-friendly flavors is in the pipeline. Now with him leaving, it’s in jeopardy.” 

Since Gottlieb’s appointment in the early days of the Trump Administration, the FDA Chief has been actively engaging in a series of relentless attacks on the vaping community.  From blasting teen vaping as an “epidemic” to complaining about the ways in which e-liquid flavors are named and advertised, Gottlieb has had a proverbial bee in his bonnet about vaping that he cannot seem to ignore. 

Does Chuck Schumer see the proverbial writing on the wall?

As much as vapers tend to regard Gottlieb’s views as antagonistically anti-vaping and maybe even slightly pro-pharma and pro-big tobacco, the Democrats often claim that he has not been nearly as aggressive as he should be.  Republicans, on the other hand, tend to avoid excessive government regulation on all levels, and Trump himself seems to despise it, as well.  When it comes to vaping, the Dems seem to like Gottlieb more than his own party.

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Meanwhile, the mainstream media is remaining rather tight-lipped as to why Gottlieb resigned his post so abruptly and unexpectedly.  His rhetoric against teen vaping is at an all-time high, and he seemed poised to make a big move in the coming days by possibly implementing additional harsher regulatory actions on the vapor industry as a whole. So why is Gottlieb leaving now, and why is Chuck Schumer so upset?

Some political geeks are speculating that Gottlieb made a grievous error in judgment as recently as March 3. On this date, the FDA Commissioner is reported to have traveled to the White House to unveil his new plan for eradicating teen vaping.  While the president was not in attendance, members of his staff were. 

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The Gottlieb plan centered around implementing new vaping regulations that would require any business selling vapor products to become an age-restricted venue.  If Trump had agreed, then that would mean that vaping supplies would essentially be banned from all gas stations and convenience stores instantaneously. 

This plan likely did not go over well with President Trump.  And if so, then the next FDA Commissioner that the president appoints as a Gottlieb replacement will probably be more vaper-friendly.   Perhaps this is why Schumer is sounding the alarm bells so loudly.  Perhaps Schumer sees the window of opportunity to increase vaping regulations about to slam shut once and for all.

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