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Save vaping: Tweet to Trump, McConnell, and Ryan to repeal the FDA deeming regulations

The first 100 days of the Trump Administration are quickly coming to a close, and there is still no word yet on the future repeal of the FDA deeming regulations.  With Trump’s surprise victory last November 8, many in the vaping industry were optimistically hopeful.  Would a Republican presidency finally lead to the overturning of Obama-era regulations that threaten to wipe out the thousands of vape shops across the country?

Trump has made many campaign promises that might lead to this conclusion.  He has famously stated on several occasions that excessive federal regulation is killing American business.  He has promised to repeal two old regulations for every new one that is passed.  In fact, just this week, he made the highly controversial decision to sign an executive order overturning environmental regulations on the coal industry. 

The Donald is definitely not afraid to make waves.  But when it comes to the FDA deeming regulations, perhaps he needs a little nudge. 

Trump Loves Twitter, but don’t forget to write!

For social media addicts everywhere, it’s always a great deal of fun to travel to Trump’s Twitter feed and read the latest prolifically presidential posts about “the failing New York Times” or his latest rant against Hillary Clinton.  But instead of just reading and giggling over his series of often misspelled tweets (or perhaps offering your own cleverly worded supportive or abusive Twitter reply, depending on which side of the political fence you happen to fall on), why not tell Trump to quit bitching and get to work!


Regardless of the post or topic, inject your own 140-character-or-less comment to “Repeal the FDA deeming regulations and save vaping!  Vaping saves lives!”  Typing out a quick pro-vaping comment only takes a few seconds. 

Vapers can also write to Donald Trump, as well.  Now, you don’t have to take the time and energy to craft a carefully worded, handwritten letter.  No one has the time for such silliness.  But they can use something called The One Letter.  It’s a simple form letter.  Just print it out, sign your name, slap a stamp on it, and send it to the following address.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

For instant results, send Trump an email or call him on the phone!

Of course, many vapers haven’t sent a letter via snail mail in decades.  They might even have forgotten where and how to buy stamps.  Never fear!  Trump as email! 

Contact the White House via private message!  Or call White House phone number (202) 456-1111 or the alternate number: (202) 456-1414. And of course, Trump’s Twitter account is @realDonaldTrump.

And while you’re at it, why not give old Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) and Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) a shout, too.  These are the guys who would probably write the presidential executive order to repeal the FDA deeming regulations anyway.  And if they write it, Trump will sign it!

And believe it or not, Ryan and McConnell also have Twitter accounts, email, and phone numbers, too!  Paul Ryan even has a toll-free number! 

Mitch McConnell Contact Information

Twitter:                                                                            CLICK HERE

Email Contact Form:                                                       CLICK HERE

Phone Number (DC):                                                      (202) 224-2541

Phone Number (Kentucky, his home state):                   (502) 582-6304

Address (DC):                                                                 317 Russell Senate Bldg
                                                                                         Washington, DC 20510

Address (Kentucky):                                                       601 W. Broadway
                                                                                         Room 630
                                                                                         Louisville, KY 40202


Paul Ryan Contact Information

Twitter:                                                                            CLICK HERE

Email Contact Form:                                                       CLICK HERE

Phone Number (DC):                                                      (202) 225-0600

Phone Number (Wisconsin, his home state):                 (608) 752-4050 or

                                                                                         1-888-909-RYAN (7926)

Address (DC):                                                                 1233-B Longworth HOB
                                                                                         Washington, DC 20515

Address (Wisconsin):                                                      20 S Main St #10

                                                                                         Janesville, WI 53545


It’s time to tell our political officials that we mean business! Vaping saves lives, and the FDA deeming regulations must be repealed.  We encourage all vapers to join in the battle to Win the War on Vaping!


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