Right-wing media outlet says FDA is ‘hysterical’ and ‘addicted to fear’ about vaping

The right-leaning newspaper the Washington Examiner (WE) is finally coming to the defense of vaping.  As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb continue their months-long, overly-cantankerous hand-wringing about an alleged rise in teen vaping, the news publication seems to be finally fed up.

In an opinion pieced published last Friday, the WE reprimands the FDA for not only its ridiculous claims about teen vaping, but it’s out-of-the-blue statements regarding vaping as a gateway to smoking.  The article even addresses Gottlieb’s other outlandish claims suggesting that teenagers who use nicotine are endangering their brain development.

 “To be clear, there is as of yet no epidemiological evidence to suggest nicotine harms teenage brains in the way Gottlieb describes. His intention to prevent minors from developing a nicotine addiction is, of course, noble. But claiming that occasional or even regular vaping is just a few steps short of developing alcoholism or a drug addiction strains credibility.”

Bazinga!  Take that FDA!  Sit and spin, Scott Gottlieb! But the Washington Examiner article entitled Addicted to fear, the FDA is hurtling toward a historic mistake doesn’t stop there.  It also makes a rather remarkable statement regarding the over-dramatized, fear-monger tactics being employed by the FDA.

“Cheered on by a cacophony of moral entrepreneurs, an increasingly hysterical FDA is lunging towards policies that will cripple the e-cigarette industry, which is now the biggest challenger to traditional cigarettes.”

Also noteworthy is that the WE article essentially accuses the FDA of intentionally cooking the numbers regarding in-house data allegedly indicating a near 80 percent rise in teen vaping last year.  These “numbers” are what led FDA Chief Gottlieb to label teen vaping as a nationwide “epidemic” earlier this summer.

Teen vaping ‘epidemic’ is non-existent

However, as the WE article further points out, there’s a huge difference between a high schooler experimenting with an e-cig once a month at a party and a teenager who vapes every day on her way home from school.  The FDA data never seems to make this clear distinction.  They just lump everyone together in a giant pile of teen vaping gobbledygook that grossly misinforms the American People. 

“While the uptick in youth vaping is concerning, the headline figures obscure the reality of teen tobacco use. The percentage of teens who vape regularly is 5.7 percent, up from previous years but hardly the basis for a national panic. More importantly, since 2011 when e-cigarettes started becoming popular, teen smoking has fallen from 15.8 percent to 8.1 percent. When we look at kids who smoked cigarettes on 20 or more days, smoking among high-schoolers was just 1.8 percent in 2018. The story of teen smoking in recent years is not one of failure, but of tremendous success.”

To close the article, the Washington Examiner also makes clear that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking based on pure, old-fashioned, scientific evidence.  It also instructs the ire-stricken Gottlieb that the quantity of people who die every year from smoking-related illnesses is seven times greater than those associated with the opioid crisis.  In short, the FDA’s “excessive regulation” on vaping is “costing lives.” 

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