Right in the middle of Kavanaugh hearings, Sen. Dick Durbin takes time to blast vaping

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin sits on the Judiciary Committee responsible for either confirming or denying the appointment of Brent Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He’s spent the past few weeks blasting the federal judge for lying to the congress, lying about his drinking, and lying about sexual misconduct.  Whether or not you happen to want Judge Kavanaugh approved, Dick Durbin is known for his impressive ability to be a real dick (pun intended) whenever the urge strikes.

On the morning of Friday, September 26, the final committee vote was scheduled to take place. Starting at 9:30 AM, each committee member would have the opportunity to make individual but brief statements to the other members of the senate.  The final up-or-down vote by the members of the   Senate Committee on the Judiciary was to finally take place four hours later at precisely 1:30 PM. 

All hell breaks loose at the Kavanaugh hearings

Shortly after the 1:30 deadline, all hell broke loose when GOP Senator Jeff Flake put a temporary and unexpected kibosh on the whole mess when he called for a 1-week FBI investigation.  But that didn’t stop Democratic Senator Dick Durbin from contacting the Chicago-Sun Times on the very same day to accuse the vaping industry of intentionally targeting children as their key demographic.   Yes, even when the country is embroiled in a highly-televised political battle that, in the words of Sen. Flake is “tearing this country apart,” good old Dick Durbin still proves he’s a dick.

“Today, e-cigarettes are the most popular form of tobacco use among youth, with more than 2 million middle and high school students using them. New data will soon be released showing that there was a 75 percent spike in e-cigarette use among high school students over the past year.
This popularity among youth is in no small part due to the flavorings developed by e-cigarette companies to hook a new generation of children on nicotine. The FDA reports that 81 percent of kids who have ever tried an e-cigarette started with a flavored product.
This is a page right out of Big Tobacco’s playbook. Remember Joe Camel? Remember strawberry, orange, and grape-flavored cigarettes?  In 2009, Congress banned these kid-appealing flavors and marketing for cigarettes because the science on the risk of harm to children was clear. It’s time we do the same for e-cigarettes.
I introduced a bipartisan bill that would give companies one year to prove that their flavors actually help people quit smoking cigarettes, do not cause children to start smoking, and do not harm the user.
The real story is that tobacco addiction among kids is going down. That’s why Big Tobacco is becoming Big Vaping. They need a replacement addictive product.
The FDA is right: e-cigarette use is an epidemic and our kids are the targets.”

To be fair, Dick Durbin probably wrote this anti-vaping letter to the Chicago-Sun Times several days or even weeks before the final committee vote occurring on September 26, but the coincidence of both overlapping timing and content is quite noteworthy.  In the Kavanaugh hearings, Durbin requested an official FBI investigation into the sexual allegations before proceeding to a full vote by the 100-member senate.

In the Durbin letter to the Chicago-Sum Times about vaping, he similarly demands that the American vaping industry provide definitively proof that “flavors actually help people (adults) quit smoking cigarettes, do not cause children to start smoking, and do not harm the user.”    He’s even giving the vaping industry an entire year to prove it.  Kavanaugh and the FBI, on the other hand, only get one week.

Perhaps the vaping community is being treated somewhat fairly here?  Or is Dick Durbin still just a big old dick! 

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