Revealed: FDA’s Gottlieb tells WH of secret plan to kill flavored vapes

On Friday, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb scurried over to the White House to unveil his latest devious plan to heavily restrict the sales of flavored vaping products.  He seems to have discovered an even more villainous loophole in the regulatory system that specifically centers on convenience stores and gas stations.

Behind the scenes, the Democrats are largely criticizing FDA Chief Gottlieb for his failure to act more quickly and aggressively in his agency’s efforts to curb teen vaping.  On the other side of the political aisle, Republicans tend to believe that Gottlieb’s continuous attacks on the vaping industry are regulatory overkill.  Since Trump is staunchly anti-government regulation, it will be very interesting to see how the President will react – or if he even does.

Gottlieb’s meeting at the White House

The director of the Domestic Policy Council, Joe Grogan, arranged the Friday meeting between FDA’s Gottlieb and the White House counsel’s office.  Officials from all three organizations were present.  During the meeting, Gottlieb laid out his ghoulish plan.

Since GOP support for a national ban on flavored vapes is severely lacking, he announced that he has spent the past three months researching and writing new and additional guidance protocols that would heavily restrict – if not almost entirely ban – the sales of flavored vaping products at local convenience stores and gas stations.

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According to AXIOS, Gottlieb wants to implement new and additional regulations that will require anyone choosing to purchase flavored vapor products from these particular retailers to first show proper age verification identification before even entering the establishment.  If this regulation comes to pass, then the local 7-11 must essentially become an age-restricted venue much like the local beer bar or strip club if it wants to continue offering flavored vapes to its customer base.

The chances of this happening are slim to none, and Gottlieb knows it.  Perhaps even more diabolical, Gottlieb and his FDA cronies want to further expand the definition of flavored vaping products to include even tobacco flavors, too.  When AXIOS asked an FDA spokesperson for a comment, Jennifer Rodriquez could only state the following.

"I can confirm that Dr. Gottlieb was at the White House today but cannot confirm any details. You’ll need to contact White House for questions about any discussions that may have taken place."

Here’s the good news.  The FDA Commissioner does not have the legal authority to implement this carefully disguised vaping ban without the prior approval of President Donald Trump.  Convincing him to do so will be difficult, at best. 

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