Research indicates that vaping green tea oil burns fat, regulates blood sugar

If the FDA continues its constant attacks on vaping and flavored e-liquids, then there’s always the option of vaping green tea and other dry herbs as safer and healthier alternative to smoking.  Green tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and for several very valid reasons.

First of all, it’s an incredible antioxidant, which means that drinking it helps rid the body of toxic buildup.  caused by the ingestion of food additives and pesticides associated with processed vegetables and fruits.  Do you know what else antioxidants can do?  Rid the body of the thousands of addictive chemicals found in combustible tobacco products.

Green tea has such an excellent reputation worldwide that the American College of Nutrition recently published a report in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NCBI) claiming that this tasty beverage is statistically more popular than water.   But for those who simply prefer their tea in the non-green varieties, you might consider vaping it instead.

Vaping green tea burns fat.

Don’t take our word for it.  Just travel to the local pharmacy and select almost any fat-burning supplement on the store shelves.  Then look at the ingredients listed on the product label.  What are you most likely to find?  Green tea or green tea extract.

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If that isn’t proof enough, refer to the study entitled Obesity and thermogenesis related to the consumption of caffeine, ephedrine, capsaicin, and green tea (NCBI) for additional information.  Another 2008 study entitled Green tea consumption and prostate cancer risk in Japanese men: a prospective study (NCBI) indicates that the body’s natural abilities to oxide fat increase at least 17 percent in daily drinkers of green tea. 

Vaping green tea helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Obesity is always a concern for patients suffering from diabetes.  The body’s inability to adequately process glucose levels when insulin in naturally injected into the bloodstream is a significant precursor to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  However, research is now indicating the flavan-3-ols and anthocyanidins found in green tea can enhance the body’s ability to self-regulate these dangerous blood glucose levels. 

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Furthermore, the study entitled Green tea: A boon for periodontal and general health published in the Journal of Indian Society Periodontology (NCBI) further identifies that drinking (or vaping) the popular beverage daily boosts glucose and lipid metabolism rates, which helps burn excess fat and reduce body weight.    Green tea’s higher levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are also shown to improve insulin resistance and other antidiabetic symptoms.

Vaping green tea is a natural antibacterial. 

As far back as the 1940s, scientists have well-documented scientific evidence that vaporized propylene glycol kills airborne bacterial like pneumococci, streptococci, and staphylococci.  Propylene glycol, by the way, is a primary ingredient of most e-liquids used in vaping.  But did you know what else is an equally effective antibacterial?  You guessed it - green tea.

Current research shows that drinking or vaping green tea helps improve oral health by instantly killing numerous forms of bacteria that reside in the mouth and that can also lead to many types of gum disease and tooth decay.  In fact, vaping green tea oils has even proven to reduce the bacteria growth associated with chronic bad breath.  Now put THAT in your pipe and vape it!

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