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R Street calls local vaping bans 'progressive hypocrisy’

Members of the bipartisan think tank The R Street Institute in Washington, DC are not too happy with the surge of local vaping bans popping up from coast to coast.  To be more concise, the local governments passing these ordinances seem to be largely concentrated in the nation’s most liberal states.  Is this merely a coincidence?  Or is there something more insidious at play? 

Vapers located in middle America do not seem to be all too worried about the goings-on in California and New York.  But perhaps they should be.  As history has proven time and time again, it only takes a few individuals engaging in an emotionally charged debate to provoke a political revolution.

From ‘Black Lives Matter’ to local vaping bans

The R Street article begins by harkening back to 2014 when the death of a young man selling “loosies” sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.  The term “loosies” is street jargon for loose, single cigarettes that many less-fortunate people often sell on street corners to make a little extra cash.  When Eric Garner was approached by an overly aggressive police officer who preceded to place the young man in what would ultimately be a fatal chokehold for selling his loosies, the Black Lives Matter was born.

R Street wonders why a police officer was spending his day arresting people selling loose cigarettes on street corners in the first place.  The incident just happened to take place in New York City, home to Senator Chuck Schumer and Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, two of the most vocal supporters of the anti-vaping movement.  Weren’t there more important crimes that this officer could have been investigating?


R Street even blasts “New York’s leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio” for trying to crackdown on city dwellers using electric-assisted bicycles (de Blasio calls these people a “menace”).  Why is the Democratic party so determined to regulate the fun out of just about everything imaginable, including vaping?

“This brings us to the nation’s other progressive bastion, the San Francisco Bay Area. One can count on that region’s progressives to protest some of the questionable policing techniques that have been in the news in recent years, but they can’t seem to comprehend the way their own policies contribute to the problem.”
“For instance, San Francisco, Oakland, Novato, Contra Costa County, and elsewhere have recently approved far-reaching bans on the sale of flavored tobacco products. The definition of tobacco is broad and includes electronic cigarettes, which contain nicotine but not tobacco.”.
“But just as Californians have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational uses, some of its biggest cities are determined to send tobacco sales into the black market. Doesn’t this unmask the hypocrisy of the Left? They want to ban, arrest, prosecute, and harass. And they won’t have any idea what happened the next time someone is tragically killed or injured as they peddle black-market menthol cigarettes in a Tenderloin alley.”

R Street makes some very valid points.  Are the Democrats not aware that banning vaping will only increase the sales of Black Market products?  Does someone have to die from selling Black Market e-liquid on a city street corner before the American People will finally see how ridiculous these sorts of regulations truly are?  And why is it publicly acceptable to smoke recreational marijuana, but toking on an electric cigarette is completely intolerable?  According to R Street, the “progressive hypocrisy” is simply staggering.


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