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Probation revoked for Jacob Huffhines of Wisconsin THC scandal; receives up to 4-years in jail

The month of August 2019 was the proverbial calm before the storm for the Huffhines brothers of Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  On Labor Day weekend, Tyler, 20, was getting ready to board a plane for a weekend getaway to California, and the three-years older Jacob was bragging to his parole officer that he was getting his life in order.  Then came the arrests for alleged illegal possession of contraband THC oils with intention to distribute, cocaine, firearms, and several forms of false identification. 

According to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, the Huffhines were involved in an illegal drug operation that manufactured and sold tens of thousands of illegal THC-enhanced vapor cartridges per week.  Tyler was allegedly the ringleader, and Jacob was the chief distributor.  They had even employed their own mother, Courtney Huffhines, as the company’s business manager.

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It was their mother who helped them obtain fake IDs and secure the rentals of a manufacturing facility and at least two residential properties.  The 10-person operation is reported to have netted a whopping $1 million in revenue.  Five other employees have also been charged.

Jacob Huffhines’ prior history of criminal activities

In July 2018, the older brother Jacob was arrested on charges related to manufacturing and trafficking of cocaine.  He was immediately apprehended and received a plea deal which resulted in four years of probation.

A year earlier, Jacob was convicted of another felony crime of dealing marijuana, but the charge would eventually be reduced to a misdemeanor, and Jacob would be forced to only pay a hefty fine. As a convicted criminal, he would not be allowed to engage in alcohol or drug use nor could he purchase or even have in his possession a firearm.

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When the Huffhines brothers were arrested last September for their involvement in the Wisconsin THC scandal, law enforcement officers confiscated at least eight firearms – one of which was an AR-15-style rifle. Officers also found six iPhones, $20,000 in cash, some Xanax, some cocaine, bottles upon bottles of contraband THC oil, and 188 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $1.5 million. 

Because of these latest criminal activities and his apparent possession of multiple, parole-violating weapons, the Kenosha News is now reporting that Jacob Huffhines’ parole has since been revoked.  He now faces up to four years in prison, and this is before any possible future convictions for the most recent THC-related allegations. 

Judge refuses reduced bail for Tyler Huffhines

Despite having seemingly made over a million dollars in their illegal drug ring, the Huffhines family seems to be having trouble making bail.  Mother Courtney reportedly was successful in scraping together enough money to pay her $100,000 bail, but younger sibling Tyler was experiencing a tougher time finding the $500,000 bond required for his temporary release pending trial. 

When Tyler’s lawyers requested a reduced bond for each of the brothers in early December, the Wisconsin judge refused.  Tyler apparently still sits in the Kenosha County county jail awaiting his day in court. 

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(Image courtesy of FOX 6 News Milwaukee/YouTube)

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