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Presidential nominee Gary Johnson calls FDA deeming regs 'excessive'

Since the new FDA deeming regulations were first announced last May, members of the vaping community have been asking their federal politicians to clarify their stance on the issue.  While Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump have largely remained silent, Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party is not afraid to make his opinions public.  In a recent email to the owner of Cloud Chasers Inc., Kurt Loeblich, a Johnson spokesperson calls the regulations “excessive.”

But Johnson also goes one step further.  He acknowledges that the FDA deeming regulations are threatening the extinction of the entire U.S. vaping industry if left unchecked.  Gary Johnson and running mate William Weld are both former two-term governors whose successes has stemmed from their views that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.  However, since this Libertarian Team is currently only polling nationally at approximately ten percent instead of the required fifteen percent, Johnson and Weld are being forced off of the national debate stage for the 2016 election cycle.  Perhaps this is why the vaping community is unware that they have a friend and advocate in Gary Johnson.

“In the first debate, voters listened to two candidates dance around the American economy.  What you’ll never hear from those candidates is how the economy is being killed by excessive regulation.  Vaping, a new industry offering products as a healthier alternative to smoking, is about to be regulated out of existence.  That just doesn’t make any sense.
The vaping industry currently counts about nine million customers, producing about $4 billion a year in annual sales.  With the excessive regulations recently introduced by the FDA, as many as 12,000 vaping businesses will be put out of business.  As Gov. Gary Johnson has said, the free market and entrepreneurial spirit should be encouraged, not destroyed.  Nowhere is this more obvious that the vaping industry.”
-Jim Wallace, National Director of the Johnson-Weld 2016 campaign, speaking to concerned vape shop owner Kurt Loeblich via email.

Should the vaping community vote for Gary Johnson?

In one of the most controversial presidential elections of all time, Americans are faced with a rather tough decision come November 8.  Hillary Clinton has the experience and the know-how, but with this experience comes a long list of mishaps and gaffes.  On the other hand, Donald Trump is a very entertaining guy to watch, but he can’t seem to keep from putting his proverbial foot in his mouth for more than a day or so.  Then we have Gary Johnson, an adorably aloof kind of guy who got into trouble with his “What is Aleppo?” comment, has a long history of smoking weed, and is somewhat limited in his knowledge of foreign affairs.  But hey.  Nobody’s perfect.

Which way should you cast your vote?  Only you can answer that question.  One should probably not cast their vote based solely on the issue of vaping.  But if you did, Gary Johnson is worth a second look.



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