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President-Elect Trump has a ‘suggestion’ website, and vapers are flooding it with ideas

When Republican Donald Trump was running to be the Leader of the Free World, his campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.”  Now that the election is over, the President-Elect is asking for the public’s help.  He has set up a new website where anybody and everybody can submit their ideas and suggestions for how best to achieve this lofty goal.

And thousands of vapers are eagerly voicing their opinions, particularly about the FDA deeming regulations and a possible Trump post-election reversal.

Greg Conley of the American Vaping Association took to social media in the days preceding November 8 to express his opinions on which presidential candidate was perhaps the most vape-friendly.  In an interview with Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch, Conley said that “the orange-guy might be your best bet” to save the vaping industry.  Well, the orange guy is heading to the White House on January 20, and he needs all the help he can get.

The election is over, and it’s time to move forward.

Love him or hate him, Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States.  It’s been a tough road, particularly on the President-Elect himself. Trump knows that he has made some enemies along the way on both sides of the political aisle, but his suggestion website is the real deal.


The website is not some fly-by-night, cheapo, partisan blog made by some obscure Republican PAC. This site has a .gov extension and is extremely easy to complete.

As soon as the viewer logs on, a stark-white webpage pops up with the official emblem of President-Elect Donald Trump.  Underneath are four, simple words – “Tell Us Your Story.”  All that a vaper has to do is type in their name, email address, and a brief (or lengthy) suggestion of how Mr. Trump can “Make America Great Again.”  It’s that easy.

How Trump’s hatred of Obama could lead to a reversal of the FDA deeming regulations

Trump will be the first-ever President to have never been previously elected to public office or serve in the U.S. Military.  He is not a traditional politician, and doesn’t fit the typical vision of what a President should be.  But one thing is somewhat evident.  The man hates President Obama and everything he stands for, including every piece of legislation that Obama ever implemented.


Trump wants to get rid of our European peace treaty NATO, thinks NAFTA was a “disaster,” and refuses to support the newly proposed TPP trade deal.   He has also promised to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) on his very first day in the Oval Office.  Once Trump learns that the FDA Deeming Regulations were actually a secret pet-project of Obama’s that he forced through the political system during his last six-months in office, The Donald might just want to overturn those, too – purely out of spite, if nothing else.

Obama and the FDA Deeming Regulations

In late 2009 and still in his first term, Obama signed into law the Tobacco Control Act.  The bill sailed through Congress because – at the time – Congress was controlled by the Democrats.   It is this single piece of legislation that is the basis for the newly released FDA Deeming Regulations.

Furthermore, Obama named a relatively unknown consultant from a major pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, to be placed in charge of a new branch of the FDA called the Center for Tobacco Products.  His name was Mitch Zeller, and he would become solely responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Tobacco Control Act and consequently the FDA Deeming Regulations. 


That’s right.  To get his Obamacare Package off the ground, Obama gave a Big Pharma Fat Cat the full authority to overregulate and overtax the fledgling and infinitely less powerful vaping industry – an industry whose only sin was the creation of a product that saves millions of lives from smoking addiction while making Big Pharma products like “the patch” and Nicorette gum nearly obsolete.

As you fill out your form on the Donald Trump Suggestion Website, vapers might want to throw in this little tidbit of information just to make sure you get the President-Elect’s full attention.



  • 09/11/2019 – Dear President Trump,

    My name is Erik, and I’m forty years old. I made the wrong decision at thirteen years old to start smoking. Back in the late eighties and early nineties it seemed the majority of teenagers did smoke cigarettes, (not that it makes it right)..

    I continued with that nasty habit until I was thirty-five years old..
    I had a job that required me to be highly physically active for extremely long hours a day.
    I started feeling heaviness in my lungs, and tired wheezing sounds from just breathing, oh and I can’t forget smokers cough..
    That’s when I finally decided I had enough.. I started hearing talk hear and there about maybe I need to try switching to vaping, and that’s what I did.. It took me probably a few months of getting used to vaping instead of smoking..
    First it was a lot of trial and error to pick out a flavor that tasted good enough, that I would then crave that flavor and no longer cigarettes. They never tasted “super” to me, but the idea for me was to like it enough to be fine with no longer smoking.
    Once I finally achieved the objective, and found that flavor,
    cigarettes became a thing of my past, and I was proud..
    Since I quit smoking cigarettes, and chose to only vape.. My smokers cough is gone, and has been gone since probably six months after I quit.
    My lungs and breathing function have returned to practically normal.. My fear with banning all the sweetened flavors, most will just go right back to smoking again, and the dangerous effects of smoking have been known clearly for decades.
    If there are too many underage teenagers vaping, there should probably be stricter laws for minors caught vaping or with paraphernalia, and for stores that sell to minors.
    It’s just like there are plenty of minors that choose to drink alcohol..
    Do we then as a country outlaw sweetened alcohol, and alcohol beverages because of the ones breaking the law?
    We don’t need to take away the few simple pleasures, that many hard working, law abiding people of the United States do have do we?
    Appreciate your time President,
    Thank you

  • I along with many voters have no access to cable, or wireless technology, this leaves only left wing news channels that I cannot digest. This leaves me and the countless others in the dark not knowing what is going on in our nation and worldwide. This leaves a huge voting block untapped. Don’t we deserve as a nation to have truth in reporting and reporting for all without a reporters personal opinion of the events.

  • Dear president trump if you can look into getting rid of unions in federal government , we could make sure they were working and earning their money and if not (YOUR FIRED) not being held accountable just really pisses me off and I know it does you too . THANKS

    charles r. johnson
  • I started smoking when I was 13 years old and smoked a pack and a half of cigs a day. I tried vaping to save money as I smoked an expensive brand and within a week I couldn’t even stand the taste of the cigarette I decided to smoke as it was the last one in the pack (didn’t want to waste it but ended up throwing it away after two puffs). I’m happier now that I quit and I love vaping. Specially Unicorn Milk ? I’m not too confident in Trump as hes such a wild card but maybe he’ll stop the FDA (aka Big Tobaccos attack dog) and these ridiculous regulations thats already shut down two vape shops where I live.

    Vape Girl?
  • President Elect Trump,

    I would appreciate very much having the appropriate person in your administration take a look at the RMD of retirement funds which affects people in retirement. Folks like me have retirement funds which, in my case, earn interest, albeit small, throughout the year. Each year we have to decrease in our capital by the amount of the RMD. Tis amount increases every year based on age and capital amount. Therefore I loose interest income every year which brings the capital back up. I do not mind the RMD as such but its increasing amount decreases my capital lower and lower and ultimately my spending abilities.

    Considering all the retired people like me, the loss in capital means a huge loss in the economy, e.g., new cars, car repairs, home repairs, travel, medical expenses, etc.

    Please have the appropriate people look at the RMD.

    Thank you, Paul Schulze

    Paul Schulze Ph.D.

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