Polosa saves Italian vaping amid coronavirus outbreak; FDA suspends vape shop inspections

As the number of coronavirus infections continue to escalate, the vaping community is facing a difficult challenge.   Many mayors of local communities are implementing citywide lockdowns of all local and non-essential businesses, including restaurants, bars, and even vapes shops.

Many governors are enforcing similar restrictions statewide.  Just this morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a stay-at-home order while telling his constituents during a live press conferences, “New York is on pause.”

The United States is not the first nation to undergo such harsh lockdown procedures.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte placed his entire nation on in-home self-quarantine until at least April 3.  The new regulations mean that only essential businesses like pharmacies and grocery stores can remain in operation.  Vape shops in Italy, however, would be forced to close for several weeks, leaving hundreds of thousands of Italian vapers in the lurch.

Luckily, pro-vaping advocate Dr. Riccardo Polosa came to their rescue.  According to an article in Filter Magazine, the Professor of Internal Medicine and specialist of Respiratory Diseases and Clinical Immunology at the University of Catania began issuing a series of “declarative statements” in the mainstream media.  He repeatedly stated his firm belief that closing all vape shops would be detrimental to overall public health.

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Polosa also contacted the nation’s top vaping advocacy organization, the National Association for Electronic Smoking (NAES), where he solicited their help in contacting “political links and connections with the government.” On March 13, their collaborative hard work finally paid off when the Italian Prime Minister in cooperation with the Ministry of Health revised their lockdown restrictions to exempt vape shops completely.

Things are not that dire in American – yet.  And the legality of the President of the United States having the authority to place the entire country on lockdown is currently in debate in some political circles.   But American vape shops are being granted a smidgen of relief by the federal government.  According to Reuters, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has agreed to suspend inspections of vape shops nationwide until the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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(Image courtesy of YouTube/Jon Derricott)

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