Pokémon e-juice, a new low in vaping

Pokémon e-juice, a new low in vaping

Following on the heels of the rumored Hello Kitty tobacco cigarettes comes the very real, soon-to-arrive-at-a-vape-shop-near-you, Pokémon e-juice (a.k.a. Pokéjuice), a new low for the vaping industry.  The product comes from Malaysia but is being sold in vape shops around the world, including those owned by our friends across the pond, which shall remain nameless. But the ripple effect of possible negative legal ramifications can be felt in every nation around the globe.

The United States is in the midst of a years-long campaign promoted by such well-funded power mongers as the FDA, the CDC, and the American Cancer Society, a marketing campaign that is essentially trying to paint the entire vaping industry as a pedophilic institution out to lure young children into e-cig addiction.  The UK and 20 other nations of the European Union (EU) are facing a similar battle abroad. 

The United States has the FDA deeming regulations.  The EU has the controversial Tobacco Products Directive, otherwise known as the TPD. Nearly every country around the world is under fire from their national governments to “tone it down, or we’ll shut it down.”


Then some moronic retailer releases Pokéjuice, complete with the jaw-dropping, ridiculously obscene packaging decorated with the whole range of famously cartoonish creatures…that kids just happen to love!

Pokémon e-juice:  Stupid is as Stupid does.

Forrest Gump’s mother, although a fictional character, was wise beyond her years when she stated this simple phrase to her mentally challenged son.  Mr. Gump could even recognize how deviously offensive this Pokémon e-juice truly is.

Even if the vaping industry could possibly forgive a merchandiser or a vape shop for marketing a brand of e-liquid that essentially proves the point of every anti-vaping activist group in the world, the legality of this product is almost certainly suspect.  According to the Facebook page of a UK vape shop currently selling the Malaysian e-liquid, a 60ml bottle of Pokéjuice sells for £15.  Unfortunately, this bottle size is illegal in the eyes of the TPD.


Furthermore, one has to wonder if the Japanese creators of the Pokémon characters even know about their intellectual property appearing on an obscure brand of Malaysian e-liquid. Surely, some additional copyright or international trade laws are being broken along the way.  Or does this small-time e-juice warehouse have the large sums of cash that it would take to legally license the Pokémon brand to hawk their kid-friendly product line around the world?  In the words of our British mates, “Not bloody likely!”

So there you have it!

  • Pokémon e-juice intentionally released with cartoon imagery designed to attract children.
  • Pokémon e-juice intentionally released without the expressed permission of the cartoons’ creators (most likely).
  • Pokémon e-juice intentionally released without following the legal packaging requirements of the host nation’s governing regulations, in this case, the UK’s TPB.
  • And several vape shops willing to sell this nasty stuff in their brick and mortar stores and online.

When a member of the vaping industry, regardless of their nation of origin, publicly goes against everything that the entire community has been fighting for, they must be held accountable.  When a merchandiser releases a new product without following the necessary government regulations or that has the appearance of targeting young children with its advertising and marketing campaigns, it hurts each and every one of us.  Federal public health organizations around the world are just itching for a reason to shut down the vaping industry completely and permanently.  And idiotic products like Pokémon e-juice simply don’t help.


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Deano - February 26, 2018

You are killing vaping all by yourself mate are you really that narrow minded.. Im 29 I’m a massive pokemon fan… Most of the people you see playing pokemon go are in their late 20s just cos it’s a cartoon doesn’t mean it’s just for kids.. I can agree with you on a certain level but 90% of the kids who are likely to try vaping are at an age where they think cartoons are sad anyway. To suggest that they will get into vaping purely cos it’s got a mewtwo on it is ridiculous I personally miss this juice and believe it should come back to the UK. (mainly so I can finish my collection) running out of space here but would be happy to debate this subject with you via email

Mathew - January 22, 2018

Honestly why do people care, I mean copy right infringement definitely bad, but even if they where producing legally (I doubt it but hypothetically) why does it matter, why does it matter what it looks like or what it tastes like, the shop I work at is in southern California so no one under 21 gets in if I where to carry that flavor (witch I don’t probably wouldn’t knowing where it’s produced it’s probably not great) but hypothetically if it was in my shop, how is it advertising to children, a child can’t buy it can’t be in the shop that sells it the only way he would know about it and that’s a given, I mean kids doing things they shouldn’t on the internet that’s a story way older then the vape industry the problem isn’t the object what it looks or tastes like guess who grew up in the 90’s when Pokemon was blowing up, me guess who likes sweet cereal, me guess who is old enough to vape and honestly the packaging does appel to me and I don’t see the problem with that (again assuming there is no copy right infringement) I like Pokemon I got a charmander pop socket on my phone a Pikachu plush on my desk

Garyartib - October 1, 2016

Get your e liquid from a reputable or trusted e juice brewer. As for me i dont buy any other ejuice from malaysia or china. As what type of stuff they might have in their e juice i would not know. As i have an experience before from those asian e juice. Be cautious and vape safe.

Murray B - September 26, 2016

The vaping industry is wrong on this one. There is no way that 0 nicotine juice should have an age restriction. Children can eat ice cream that contains propylene glycol and vanilla flavouring but they can’t even enter the premises of a shop that sells 0 nic glycol-based juice that contains the same vanilla flavouring. If we give the regulators an inch they will take a mile, and always will.

Mike - September 23, 2016

Thank you for this. I first glance I thought this was a promotion for this Juice and looked at it and the first words was ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is one juice line that the vaping community should shut down buy not buying the creators juices. call it a boycott or what ever you wish but they have no regards to the industry or the vaping community. Lets step up just like we did for the 18+ to buy before the government did and shut them down.

Andrew Ramsey - September 23, 2016

This has to be one of the most idiotic and immoral things I’ve seen come from the vape industry thus far. The creators of this juice are clearly not out for the best interest or the vape community! I hope they do get sued over it. This is clearly marketing to a younger group of individuals and done so in very poor taste. Things like this are one of the reasons we as a community have a bad reputation and public image, another reason why the government felt the need to step in and put their hand over us for “guidance”. Because too many companies are ignorant to morals and are only in it for money. My opinion is my opinion, not yours or anyone else’s, so feel free to form your own, however, if you think this product is a good thing, you’re just as ignorant as the people that developed it and you’re also a part of the problem.

April - September 23, 2016

Well randy that may have been true until Pokémon Go and Pokémon Sun moon came out, bridging the generations and creating a kid craze across the nation and the world. I dint hear any 20-30 year olds dosxusssing Pokémon. Ever. Put a 9 yo old boy in my car though and he’s rattling off the names of every poke character under the sun. This brand is wrong on so many levels. It’s shameful.

Diogo Tavares - September 23, 2016

Hi all i completely agree with you on this. I have a store in Portugal and id never put this kind of juices in my store, i am a father and i know how children are. i´m fighting to keep my store and to keep vaping alive in here becouse of our laws and regulations. There are too many people trying to destroy everything we vapers do to keep vape alive and prosper in the future. VAPE ON!!!

Tim Meyers - September 22, 2016

Any shop in the US that picks up this line or any line that resembles anything like this should be shut down immediately. But they won’t. Instead the FDA is more worried about you helping a customer use a device for the first time.

Labels should have been one of their top concerns but nowhere in the 500 pages does it say anything about how you promote your products.

Any store owner who brings this kind of stuff to their shelves is just in it for the cash grab. A lot of us have been around since day one and have enough respect for the industry and ourselves to put anything cartoon related on our shelfs.

What I’d give to go back to the first couple years when the sole purpose was to get people off analog cigarettes.

Leah DiProspero - September 22, 2016

I totally agree with you on this. I was appalled at the picture from the very beginning, Now after reading your article , I feel like you stated my sentiments exactly as I would have. They aught to feel ashamed of themselves.

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