Only 5% of Brits think vaping is as bad as smoking compared to 33% of Americans

Across the pond in Great Britain, a rising awareness of the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking can no longer be disputed.  A new UK poll by the organization YouGov surveyed some 2,134 Brits, and almost no one now believes that vaping is as dangerous as smoking.  In fact, only 5% of the British population are now under this misconception.  Meanwhile, a whopping 43% of Brits believe that electronic cigarettes are both safer and healthier than smoking.  Another 21% claimed to have no opinion. 

Participants in the YouGov survey came from a very diverse combination of social and economic backgrounds.  Approximately 50% were classified as either middle or working class.  The remaining portions came from either lower or higher-class backgrounds.  46% of British men agreed that smoking is far more harmful than vaping compared to about 41% of the women.

Furthermore, those men or women who expressed their belief of vaping’s health benefits tended to be a bit more active on social media than those who didn’t.  This interesting fact might suggest that Fake News about vaping is far less prevalent in the UK compared to the U.S.

The American vaping survey

A similar poll taken in early 2016 by the Gallup organization focusses solely on American viewpoints, and the differences compared to the Brits’ are rather astonishing.   In the USA, mainstream and social media are filled with anti-vaping propaganda spearheaded by government agencies like the FDA and the CDC which demonize vaping, flavored e-liquids, and everything in between.  In the United Kingdom, public health professionals are usually offer a more positive public stance about the positive health benefits of vaping.

  • The Gallup Poll shows that 50% of Americans believe e-cigs are a threat to public health.
  • 33% of the American people believe that vaping is just as bad as smoking.
  • Another 48% of American respondents want vaping to be outlawed in all restaurants nationwide, regardless of the business owner’s opinions on the subject.
  • 60% of Americans also support the FDA deeming regulations which now classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, even though e-cigs and e-liquids are 100% tobacco-free.
  • Only 17% of Americans surveyed believe that no federal regulation is required.

Perhaps even more insightful is the fact that the Gallop polls shows only 17% or U.S. smokers believe that vaping is far less harmful while only 19% of experimental or daily vapers are under the same impression.  This essentially means that over 80% of the smoking and/or vaping population in the United States are still falling for the anti-vaping rhetoric spread online claiming that vaping is just as bad (or worse) than smoking. 

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