Once upon a time, there was a girl named Charlotte: The story of CBD-based Charlotte’s Web

Once upon a time, there was a sweet, innocent girl named Charlotte.  At merely three months of age, she experienced her very first seizure.  Understandably, her parents were extremely frightened. Upon visiting their pediatrician, they very soon learned the devastating truth.  Miss Charlotte was suffering from a rare form of epilepsy named Dravet Syndrome.  But this was not the end of the young girl’s fairy tale.  It was only the beginning.

As Charlotte grew older, her seizures began to steadily increase in both number and severity.  While still a preschooler, she began experiencing numerous grand mal seizures per day.  By the age of five, these epileptic events escalated to over 300 per week, often lasting 30-minutes or more in length.  Relying on the child’s medical team to come up with a reliable treatment to end young Charlotte’s daily and sometimes hourly suffering, her fear-riddled parents were often forced to sit helplessly by their daughter’s bedside, sometimes for says and weeks at a time. 

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They felt powerless, like bad parents, but that powerlessness soon grew into unbridled anger.  If the doctors couldn’t help their ailing daughter, then they would have to take matters into their own hands.  Unbeknownst to Miss Charlotte, her parents would very soon meet two perfect strangers named The Brothers Stanley who would very quickly transform themselves into Miss Charlotte’s Knights in Shining Armor.

The accidental creation of Charlotte’s Web

There are several different forms of epilepsy, and in the most severe cases like Charlotte’s, the resulting grand mal seizures will only increase in both severity and frequency as the child ages.  Death is inevitable.

When a single grand mal seizure occurs for an extended period of time, the chances of brain damage increase proportionally to the length of the seizure event.  As these episodic events increase in duration, the epileptic patient often loses the ability to walk, talk, eat, and bathe.  Such was the case with young Charlotte.

While modern medicine offers several prescription drugs known to help manage the severity and frequency of these seizures and other epilepsy-related symptoms, statistics also show that about 30-40 percent of patients are either partially or completely resistant to these medications.  Charlotte was one of these rare individuals.

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Nothing seemed to help, and her doctors had warned her parents Paige and Matt to prepare for the worst. There was nothing more that they could do. 

So, the Figis got busy, Grandpa, too.  They collectively and separately jumped on the Internet and began reading about other children and parents in similar circumstances.  Soon they discovered that some parents were using cannabis as some sort of secret cure.

So, the adult Figi family members began experimenting.  They tried different strains of marijuana.  They tried mixing it with different things.  They tried baking it into edibles.  They tried everything they could think of.  Different strains and mixtures provided different results.  Until, that is, they accidentally stumbled upon The Brothers Stanley.

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The Stanley Brothers owned a pot farm, and they had somehow managed to create a new strain that was – shall we say – less HIGH-ly acclaimed.  The hybrid strain of cannabis was even lovingly nicknamed “Hippie’s Disappointment” because of its low THC and high CBD content.   But The Brothers Stanley also knew that it was these precise qualities that make their new hybrid strain perfect for use by children. 

The Stanley Brothers had already heard of young Charlotte’s plight thanks in large part to Grandpa’s voracious Internet-surfing activities.  They reached out to parents Paige and Matt, and the rest is history.  The CBD-based solution worked, and almost immediately Charlotte’s seizures all but stopped completely - to which The Brothers Stanley lovingly named their accidental new miracle cure Charlotte’s Web in affectionate tribute to little Miss Figi, Patient Zero. 

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