NYC passes flavored vape ban, proving yet again that facts don’t matter

By an overwhelming margin of 42-2, the New York City Council voted Tuesday to ban the sales of all flavored vaping products other than tobacco.  The bill is now sitting on the desk of Mayor Bill De Blasio, who can either sign it or allow it to pass into law automatically.  The legislative action mimics that of San Francisco from earlier in the year, making The Big Apple the largest metropolitan area in the country to enact such harsh anti-vapor restrictions. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo had tried unsuccessfully to implement a statewide flavor ban in September, but his executive order would be quickly overturned by the courts.  Similar scenarios played out in Michigan, Utah, and a handful of other states, which may have partially triggered President Trump himself to backtrack on his support of a federal flavor ban. 

But the real reason that judges and presidents are reversing their opinions is that the facts simply do not match the anti-vaping hysteria – which all began over a grossly misreported news story that continues to this very day.  Reports of a “vaping-related” lung disorder likely caused by Black Market, THC-enhanced vapor cartridges have been proven and validated by such notable public health agencies as the FDA and the CDC.  Zero of the over 2,000 medical diagnoses have been directly attributed to the vaping of conventional, FDA-regulated, Nicotine-based vapes.   

Yet, New York City politicians appear to be undeterred by their hatred of nicotine vaping.  Passing a citywide flavor ban to “save the children” may be good politics, but it is also an extreme negligence of leadership.  As President Trump stated during a White House meeting with the vapor community, “If you don’t give it to them, it’s going to come here illegally.”  In other words, bans don’t work – not with alcohol, not with smoking, not with marijuana, and certainly not with flavored vaping as history will soon show.

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Banning all flavors other than tobacco is also counterproductive to the public health of the adult community of former smokers.  The citywide ban will almost certainly force the majority of local vape shops to close their doors or file for bankruptcy.  Their customers will simultaneously be forced to look for alternative vendors.

Sure, former smokers-turned-vapers may try vaping tobacco flavored e-liquids for a brief period, but their chances of smoking relapse grow tremendously and instantaneously.   By allowing only tobacco flavored e-cigs, New York City politicians are not only pushing millions of adult former smokers right into the welcoming arms of Big Tobacco, they are essentially endorsing it. 

In an interview published in CBS News, one vaper-on-the-street offered a statement which perfectly illustrates the diabolical conundrum.  "They're asking us to go back to a non-flavored tobacco. That's like asking an alcoholic to drink beer-flavored water…We don't want to vape tobacco flavor, we're trying to get away from it."

Perhaps it’s statements like this that caused vapers viewing the voting process play out in the city council chambers yesterday to begin tossing dollar bills towards their elected officials once the ban bill officially passed.  New York City council members appear clearly in the pocket of Big Tobacco and are all too happy to profit politically from the smoking relapse and possibe deaths of tens of thousands of their constituents - children and adults alike.

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