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Nursing group to publicly endorse vaping Nov 16

Vaping saves lives, and perhaps no one knows this statement to be truer than the lung cancer specialist nurses of University Hospitals in Leicester, UK.  This group of compassionate caregivers is so supportive of vaping as a smoking cessation tool that they are taking to the streets, or rather, the shopping mall, to promote the many health benefits of electronic cigarettes.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the UK, and these vape-endorsing medical professionals will be appearing at the Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre from 9am to 4 pm on Thursday with a key message to holiday shoppers and all passersby. E-cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking!

The nurses will also be educating mall rats young and old about the early warning signs of lung cancer.  After all, it’s never too early or too late in life to begin learning about proper lung care. And the Leicester nurses are sure to make the event very entertaining.  Last year, their promotional booth was highlighted by a giant pair of inflatable lungs that caught the attention of local shoppers from one end of the mall to the other. 


To these nursing professionals, lung cancer is no laughing matter.  And as the UK strikes towards a smoke-free UK by the year 2040, they want to alert everyone who will listen that vaping is a fun, yet life-saving alternative to smoking.

“We know that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, and that people who switch to vaping do very well with their quit attempt.”
- Louise Ross, spokesperson for the upcoming event

In Leicester and nearby Leicestershire, approximately 500 people every year are diagnosed with lung cancer.  And the University Hospitals team takes care of a large percentage by gently and compassionately nursing their patients back from the brink of death.  Unfortunately, lung cancer is not always treatable, so these Angels of Mercy have also witnessed far too many cancer-related deaths.   In their eyes, vaping may be a way to significantly reduce the ever-rising death toll.

Leicester nursing group is in good company

While Americans may have difficulty imagining a group of local nurses setting up a booth in their local shopping mall to promote vaping, these types of endorsements are becoming more commonplace abroad.  In September, Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia Incorporated (DANA) also came out publicly in favor of vaping, although no shopping mall or inflatable lungs were part of the announcement.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if Americans saw this sort of thing happen right here in the good, old USA? One can only dream. 


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