NPR reports on the illegal Wisconsin Black Market THC-vaping story – finally!

Exactly one month ago today, The Kenosha News was the first to report on an illegal drug ring in Wisconsin that was allegedly manufacturing and selling as many as 50,000 THC-enhanced vapor cartridges per day.  The first arrests were of two brothers, 20-year old Tyler Huffhines and his 23-year Jacob Huffhines.  Their mother, 43-year-old Courtney Huffhines, and at least one female employee would soon be taken into custody within the coming days.

Yet, for over one full month as the nation was in the grips of a CDC-induced panic over FDA-regulated nicotine-based vapes, the mainstream media remained mum about the arrests.  Instead, national news outlets continuously pumped bogus headlines into the social media stratosphere aggressively implying that traditional nicotine vapor products like JUUL were to blame for a recent outbreak of mysterious lung injuries occurring over the summer of 2019.

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This cycle of disinformation may be coming to an end soon.  This morning, National Public Radio (NPR) ran a short story on the Huffhines arrests, and when NPR latches onto a story, mainstream media is almost certain to follow. Unlike other major news organizations that tend to manipulate their content towards a specific targeted audience, NPR has a stellar reputation of being unbiased and independent.  When NPR speaks, newscasters tend to listen.  However…

NPR reports that law enforcement officials discovered over 31,000 THC-infused vapor cartridges during the initial arrest.  They also provide a quote from Sherriff David Beth of the Kenosha County Sherriff’s Department.

“In a state where marijuana is still illegal, Beth says they found Mason jars full of THC oil plus thousands of empty cartridges and small colorful boxes that look like they were made for candy with names such as Linwood Lemonade Clear and Razzle Dazzle Clear.”

The NPR story may become somewhat of a double-edged sword for the American vaping community.  Anti-vaping advocates will likely zero in on the fact that the Huffhines operation was specifically marketing kid-friendly flavors and packaging, which will only give state governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo more fodder for pushing their “teen vaping epidemic” conspiracies.

On the positive side, judges hearing the multiple lawsuits being filed against governor-imposed vaping bans in states like New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Michigan may find this information particularly interesting.  If the “vaping-related” scandal is indeed directly linked to Black Market, illegally purchased cartridges laced with THC, then judges may be far more willing to stop the statewide vaping bans of FDA-regulated, nicotine-based products in their tracks.  Fingers crossed.

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(Image courtesy of Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, Wisconsin, and NPR)

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