No. Vaping only water is not recommended.

With the near-constant attacks on vaping by the mainstream media, a growing number of vapers are beginning to ask whether vaping only water without any nicotine or flavorings is a good idea. The surge in state governors implementing flavor bans is leaving many former smokers in the lurch.  How can they obtain their favorite vapor products when the cards are consistently being stacked against them?

Any day now, the U.S. Congress will be voting on a bill that – if approved – will abolish the United States Postal Service from delivering vape e-liquids, gear, and other products to the doorsteps of Americans.  We’ve just spent over six months arguing with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over whether nicotine-based vapes cause an alleged respiratory disorder called EVALI (they don’t).  And now, politicians and anti-vaping groups are fictitiously claiming that teen vapers are five to seven times more likely to contract COVID-19 (they aren’t).

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It’s enough to cause any vaper to enter into a state of madness.  Rather than run back into the loving arms of Big Tobacco, vapers in these states with flavor bans are searching for safe and healthy alternatives to e-juice. 

Some are asking us about vaping only water.  Others are speculating on the notion of vaping flavored water.  In short, they would rather vape water than smoke. But is this healthy?

Vaping flavored water could be dangerous to your health.

While wanting to continue to vape rather than smoke is an admirable quality, the vaping of water is not recommended.  Water as a vape juice ingredient is used – very occasionally – in brands using high concentrations of vegetable glycerin (VG).  VG is a thick, gooey substance, and manufacturers sometimes use water to dilute the VG to a vaporable texture. 

Then there are some vapers who are allergic to the propylene glycol (PG) of e-liquids.  By using water as a dilutive, they can cut the PG concentration by 5-15 percent.  So, why not cut out the middlemen and just vape pure water?

Here’s the thing.  Without the VG and PG content, the vaping of only water will result in the vaper essentially inhaling steam.  And if you’ve ever made the mistake of standing too close to a boiling pot of water, then you know how painful this can be.

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Of course, most vaping devices do not heat their e-juices to such alarmingly high temperatures, but the same principle holds true.  Vaping pure water will increase the chances of a burning of the lips, tongue, and the interior cavity of the mouth.  In more severe cases, it can even burn all the way down the windpipe.  OUCH!

Furthermore, the substance and texture of a vapor cloud made from pure water is far less gratifying to the vaper than that of your favorite e-liquids.  Keep in mind.  Once inhaled and exhaled through the mouth, the water vapor will immediately condense back into – well -   water.  You will never be participating in any cloudchasing contests, and even flavored water is far less tasty than you might imagine.

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