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Meet MOVE: Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes

The vaping community has a little-known advocacy group fighting for its rights, and its name is Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes (MOVE).   This is a pro-vaping group comprised entirely of medical professionals, scientists, and international public health authorities.  According to its website, its primary objective is to generate an ethical debate about the health and harm reduction benefits of vaping and e-cigs.

Currently, MOVE has some 350 members from 14 predominately European nations. American health professionals are also welcome and encouraged to join.

This is not just good news for the vaping community but for the general public, as well.  The vaping industry has long been under siege in recent years by an overwhelming amount of anti-vaping propaganda.  Various organizations like the FDA, the CDC, and the American Tobacco Association have millions of dollars at their disposal to spread much of these lies, half-truths, and intentionally misleading “alternative facts.”

MOVE:  Vaping, e-cigs, and misinformation

The situation is so dire that several recent polls indicate that an enormous number of average citizens mistakenly believe that vaping is just as deadly as smoking.  In fact, a very large percentage actually believes that vaping is worse.

But the general public are not the only ones confused about vaping.  Many of our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are just as confused about the issue.  When the U.S. Surgeon General issues a scathing rebuke of the entire vaping industry like Dr. Vivek Murthy did last December, is it any wonder why the medical community is fearful of what to tell their patients about smoking vs. vaping?


MOVE wants to clear up the confusion, and members of this pro-vaping medical group are not afraid to mince words.  The organization of health experts has one simple position regarding the enormous amounts of conflicting information about vaping and e-cigs.  And their mission statement is readily available on the organization’s website MoveOrganization.org.

“Misinformation that has been disseminated about e-cigarettes has resulted in some countries in misperceptions about their safety, quality and benefits. Many health professionals are uncertain what advice they should give to patients about these devices. Many health professionals have been reluctant to speak up in public about tobacco harm reduction.  MOVE is a call for all health professionals to, freely and with critical thinking, be informed on scientific evidence about these devices, and their value and importance in the final fight against smoking.”

In the various interviews provided by MOVE members to the press, members of the advocacy group often brag of taking a very different approach when it comes to their collective stance on e-cigs.  Instead of politicizing the issue (For example, Democrats largely demonize vaping while Republicans tend to not give a damn), MOVE takes the astonishing approach of basing their opinions on “science and ethics.”

The organization also has a very strong opinion about the more conventional smoking cessation methods manufactured by Big Pharma. 

"Unfortunately, currently available smoking cessation medications have limited efficacy and acceptability for the majority of smokers".

MOVE also refuses to engage in the scare tactics commonly used in advertisements and marketing campaigns issued by the CDC and the FDA.  The vaping community may not have heard much from MOVE just yet, but after reading its website, we can expect to hear much more from them in the very near future. 


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