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London’s St. George’s University launches revolutionary e-cig study

St. George’s University in London, Great Britain is looking for 100 volunteers to participate in a new e-cig study.  The scientists will be focusing on related relapse rates of people trying to quit smoking thorough vaping.  For smokers who have tried to quit smoking through more conventional methods, such as “the patch,” nicotine gum, or cold-turkey tactics, the fear of mood swings, irritability, and even stress eating can be a deterrent to progress and a possible trigger for relapse.

University scientists want to determine if switching to vaping makes quitting smoking easier and more stress-free by measuring impacts on brain activity and quality of life indicators during the transitional period.   A parallel study will also take place which will assess cancer-related health risks of both first-hand and second-hand vapor.  The pilot study is called the Smoke Free Brain Project, and it’s costing EU taxpayers a whopping £3.4 million.

“The main objective of the pilot study is to monitor tobacco-specific nitrosamines, DNA adducts, stress hormones, DNA methylation and mood during the transition from cigarette smoking to electronic cigarette use though a prospective observational study. A parallel in vivo study will further assess any potential toxicological effects of chronic exposure to e-cigarette vapour.”

-  From the Smoke Free Brain website

This is allegedly the first study of its kind by European public health scholars which focusses almost entirely on the emotional benefits that vaping can provide for those trying to quit smoking.  The UK’s Royal College of Physicians has already addresses the physical benefits through a previously released study in the days preceding the U.S. FDA deeming regulations of May 2015.  That earlier study determined that vaping is 95 percent healthier than combustible cigarettes. 

Details of St. George’s University e-cig study

The pilot study will begin in July 2016 and run through December of the following year.  Presumably, St. George’s is looking for local participants or those nearby to London.  If interested in participating, the website provides the contact information of a Dr. Alexis Bailey at abailey@sgul.ac.uk.

Even though the study will take about 18-months to complete, participants will only be involved for about five weeks each.  They must undergo a series of tests to develop a baseline.  If selected, they will be required to visit the Clinical Research Facility at St. George’s approximately six times throughout that 5-week period.

During each visit, urine, blood, and other “biomarker” samples will be collected.  So, heavy smokers who are afraid of needles need not apply.  On a more positive note, qualifying participants will actually get paid £300 for their time and trouble.  They will also likely get a nice amount of free vaping swag including mods, pens, and e-juice.  Not a bad deal.


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