LA vape company developing new ‘MBFI’ device for boosted e-liquid flavor

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the midst of a months-long series of targeted attacks against the vaping industry alleging illegal underage vape sales and kid-appealing marketing strategies.  But at least one vapor company refuses to be intimidated by bullying tactics and misinformation campaigns.  Los Angeles-based e-liquid manufacturer Hot Juice is finalizing the design of a new vapor technology that might be the next big thing to hit the vaping community.  If successful, heated e-liquid might become all the rage.

Hot Juice has named the new technology Micro-Bubble Flavor-Injection, or MBFI for short, and it hopes to address a common complaint of the vaping enthusiasts.  Some vape juices just don’t pack the powerful punch of pizzazz as advertised.    Hot Juice officials believe that the problem may lie in the fact that some e-juice brands simply cannot hold their flavor for too long because the flavorings essentially become separated from the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixture over time.

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But if the vaper “boils” the juice, the problem is solved.  In fact, the individual flavor profiles may increase by 30 percent or more on average.

"Increasing the flavor profile by 30% isn't exactly an inexpensive business decision. This increases our cost per bottle significantly however our customer retention is through the roof and also our customer satisfaction is at 97% which makes it all worthwhile"

- Hot Juice CEO Jon Deak per an interview highlighted in Digital Journal

The drawback to Hot Juice’s business model is that the new MBFI technology will likely only be available for Hot Juice e-liquids.  Furthermore, the vapor company is said to be employing a similar business strategy like that of Juul where customers can only MBFI-vape prepackaged pod-like contraptions.  Different nicotine concentrations and varying PG/VG ratios will also be offered through an approximate 60 to 100 vape juice portfolio of tasty flavors that include cereal, dessert, and candy blends. 

But what about the possible FDA flavor ban? 

Reports started surfacing in the mainstream media last week that the FDA is planning to ban the sales of pod-like systems in brick-and-mortar venues.  Newspapers like the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal suggest that the ban could theoretically take place any day now.  Under the direction of Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the FDA has been actively implying that a ban on the sales of all flavored e-liquids – pod-style or not – may also be right around the corner.  Furthermore, Gottlieb has also been aggressively and persistently threatening to ban all online sales of all vaping products. Period.

So, what will this mean for heated e-liquid lovers and fans of Hot Juice’s MBFI devices?  Only time will tell, but Hot Juice executives are probably already very aware.  Canadian, Mexican, and other international vapers buy vaping products, too.  There’s always a loophole when it comes to federal regulation.

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