Johns Hopkins is conducting a vape study, and they are paying volunteers!

Johns Hopkins is conducting a vape study, and they are paying volunteers!

For vapers or non-vapers who want to get involved in the War on Vaping, Johns Hopkins is looking for eager volunteers to participate in a new vape study.  Participants must reside near the university located in the Baltimore area, but those that are accepted get a nice little package of perks.  According to the website, Johns Hopkins is willing to pay up to $50 per visit plus $5 per month, and they get a free FitBit!

Since the study lasts an anticipated two-years, that means the lucky participants can make as much as $1200 while helping to provide quality research to a highly reputable scientific institution. You don’t even have to be a vaper to apply!  Johns Hopkins also needs non-vapers who are also non-smokers as a control group for comparison.

Overview of the Johns Hopkins vape study

There will be two different vape studies focusing on the health effects of e-cigarettes on the mouth, heart, and lungs.  The first will be the Oral Vapor Study with a primary objective of determining possible alterations to oral microbiome (organisms that live inside the mouth) through vaping.  The research team will compare these possible alterations between the two groups of participants – vapers and non-vapers.   


The second Johns Hopkins vape study is called the Cardiopulmonary Vapor Sub-Study which will focus on the possible health effects of vaping to the lungs and heart compared to non-vapers.  The FitBit goes to only those volunteers who participate in both studies, although participation in only the Oral Vapor Study is still an option.  The FitBit will measure the participant’s blood pressure levels, urinary outputs, heart rates, levels of physical activity, exposures to volatile organic compounds, and other significant biomarkers.

Criteria for Participants in the Johns Hopkins vape study

Johns Hopkins is looking for a very select group of people to participate.  First and foremost, all participates must be former or never-smokers.  Below is the itemized list per the Johns Hopkins website. 

  • Must be between 18 to 34 years old
  • Former or never-smokers only
  • Vapers and non-vapers welcome
  • Must have a smartphone and agree to use the associated Johns Hopkins app
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • Must pass a detailer oral examination to rule out evidence of disease or abscesses
  • Cannot have had a dental cleaning within the prior three-months
  • Must agree to a two-year vape study with periodic examinations by the Johns Hopkins team

In the age of Junk Science and Fake News, the chance to participate in a vape study involving Johns Hopkins may be a wonderful opportunity.  If you happen to live in Baltimore, Washington, DC, or perhaps even Boston, CLICK HERE to determine if you are eligible. Or contact the Johns Hopkins research team via or (240) 486-6618.


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Daniel Henschel - July 8, 2017

Former or never smokers only? So, no comparison to the effects of smoking?

Joe Trocchio - July 7, 2017

Jeff, according to the article and the links, Johns Hopkins is focusing on vaping vs non-vaping. Smoking has nothing to do with it. Sounds good to me. Who knows if it will be “unbiased.” There’s only one way to find out! JOIN THE STUDY AND REPORT BACK TO THE VAPING COMMUNITY!

Jeremy W. - July 7, 2017

Sounds like a good way to get involved. I can see that we already have some vape haters trolling this article. Get involved people! And quit your bitching!

cigarbabe - July 7, 2017

No self respecting vaper should volunteer to do a “vaping study” with John Hopkins Hospital or any of their affiliates. Hopkins has done nothing to advance vaping or promote THR. They have produced some of the worst anti vaping junk studies we’ve seen in the states. They simply scaremonger and lie.

Chris - July 7, 2017

I suppose the question is how does anyone know the study is unbiased? John’s Hopkins doesn’t really have a history of being friendly to ecigs.

Jeff Stier - July 7, 2017

Can you please explain why a study purportedly intended to study the effects of vaping would not include current smokers? Aren’t they the ones vapors should be compared to?

Jon Netherly - July 6, 2017

I want in on the study

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