It’s official: San Francisco totally nuts for banning vapes instead of tobacco

When a middle-of-the-road newspaper like USA Today finds no logical reason behind a legislative vape ban that leaves Big Tobacco completely untouched, it’s time to call a spade a spade.   San Francisco lawmakers have officially gone nuts.

The Bay Area city in the upside-down is home to Juul Labs, the world’s largest supplier of vapor products and the bee in the bonnet of every vaping hater in the country.  The company has come under attack because of a series of rather questionable marketing practices over the years, but it has also promised to clean up its act.  San Francisco lawmakers want Juul out of the city altogether, but CEO Kevin Burns refuses to go.

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So, in what appears to be a tit-for-tat response reminiscent of a temper tantrum of a 10-year old, the city board decides to penalize Juul another way.  They will now ban all vape sales across the city, both through brick-and-mortar and online stores.  In one fell swoop, the city of San Francisco just wiped out the livelihoods of several vape shops, their employees, and their families without even blinking an eye…just to piss off Juul.

USA Today reports:
“San Francisco is a city of mind-bending contrasts.” 
“Park your car for more than two hours on a residential street and you'll face a steep ticket or a tow. But set up camp on a sidewalk with a collection of tents, shopping carts and stolen bicycles and the city gives you days or more to move…” 
“This is harm maximization: Banning sale of e-cigarettes virtually guarantees that many vapers will go back to their Marlboros. It also puts teen vapers — the very impetus for the ban — at increased risk for smoking.” 

The article goes on the blast city officials for their historic anti-vaping political stance compared against a recent story published in a local newspaper entitled, “The 11 Best Marijuana Stores in SF”.  The city also issued a whopping 5.8 million plastic syringes just last year alone- which now litter the streets in massive quantities - to people battling drug addiction, and it also boasts the nation’s most extreme homelessness problem.  Yet vaping is the hill that they want to die on?

Dr. Michael Siegel also blasts San Francisco vape ban

Tobacco control experts around the world – not just here in the United States – also appear to be dumbfounded.  Dr. Michael Siegel, a Boston University professor who specializes in government regulatory actions across a broad range of industries, was forced to issue a public statement.  "We’re basically saying that we only care about the risks of kids vaping, but we don’t care about whether they smoke or not,” states Seigel.

City officials claim that the vape ban is designed to curb underage use, but they appear to be not at all concerned about adult vapers trying to quit smoking.  In fact, by implementing such a ban, are city officials essentially or perhaps intentionally driving millions of smokers back into the loving and welcoming arms of Big Tobacco? 

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The excuse that is often given by these anti-vaping terrorists, which was spearheaded by former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, is that vapor manufacturers are trying to trick young kids into vaping by marketing their products with “kid-appealing” names and cotton candy and fruity flavors.  But according to Dr. Michael Seigel, even this argument does not hold water... because Big Tobacco and the legalized marijuana industries do this all the time.

“Cigarettes and marijuana products are all being allowed to stay on the shelves with no regulation at all, regardless of scientific evidence regarding their serious health hazards, their widespread use among youth, and the targeting of youth by flavors like 'slurry' and 'jelly roll' that are intended to appeal to youth. Instead, the Board of Supervisors is banning the sale of fake cigarettes (i.e., electronic cigarettes) that contain no tobacco, involve no combustion, and have been demonstrated to be much safer than cigarettes and which also have been used by more than 2.5 million Americans to successfully quit smoking completely.”

The world is officially turning upside down.  Within short order, look for it to begin raining cats and dogs in the city of San Francisco.  Or maybe pigs will fly.  The sad truth of the matter is, city officials will probably blame the miraculous events on the animals rather than take the hint. 

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