If Democrat Bloomberg becomes president, he WILL take away your vapes. Period.

Every so often, we run an article featuring one of the democratic presidential candidates while highlighting their views on electronic cigarettes and vaping bans.  Make no mistake.  Do not be fooled.  When it comes to presidential wannabee Michael Bloomberg, the jury is in.  Michael Bloomberg WILL take away your vapes.

On Tuesday, the former Mayor of New York vowed to ban all flavored vapes – including e-liquids used in closed tank systems - should he win the 2020 election for president. He also promised to reduce the nicotine limits in non-flavored varieties as well as conventional combustible cigarettes while increasing the taxes on the whole lot, according to The Hill.

In mid-September 2019, the billionaire democrat pledged $160 million of his own money to wipe out the entire American vaping industry.  The announcement came within days of the fast-breaking news story of the day - an alleged “vaping related” respiratory disease spreading across the nation.

“E-cigarette companies and the tobacco companies that back them are preying on America’s youth…The result is an epidemic that is spiraling out of control and putting kids in danger of addiction and serious health problems.”
- Michael Bloomberg per The Washington Post

If Bloomberg is under the illusion that the vaping industry is backed, owned, or otherwise supported by Big Tobacco, then Bloomberg doesn’t know squat about vaping.  Even at the time of this ridiculous statement, former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had already publicly acknowledged that the most likely culprit for the “vaping related” outbreak was black market THC-containing cartridges.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would leisurely but eventually confirm Gottlieb’s suspicions.

Bloomberg’s connection to today’s failed vaping ban in New York by Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Within hours of the Bloomberg announcement regarding his $160 million endeavor – within HOURS, mind you -  the current governor of New York Andrew Cuomo signed an emergency executive action banning all flavored vapor products statewide.  The Vapor Technology Association in combination with two New York vape shops immediately filed a lawsuit and quickly won a restraining order to temporarily halt the Cuomo vaping ban.

When the Cuomo Administration (backed by Bloomberg’s bottomless billion-dollar pit of potential campaign contributions for Cuomo) repealed the Appellate Court’s temporary halt all the way to the state Supreme Court, Justice Catherine Cholakis sided with the vaping industry.  She would write the following statement in her final ruling document.

“…this court's holding on the present motion is limited to the recognition that there is a likelihood that petitioners (the vaping industry) will ultimately succeed in proving that the emergency regulation is an impermissible administrative transgression into territory that is reserved to our Legislature by the state Constitution."

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For further proof that Bloomberg is coming for your vapes, look no further than his prior legislative history as Mayor of New York.  Bloomberg’s controversial mayorship lasted from January 1, 2002 to New Year’s Eve 2013.  During his tenure, many New Yorkers despised him and some even called him the King of the Nanny State.  Here’s why.

      • In 2002, Bloomberg signed a law banning smoking in bars, restaurants, and even taxicabs. The New York law gained nationwide attention, and now every state has similar restrictions which also include vaping.
      • In 2010, Bloomberg upped the state taxes on combustible tobacco cigarettes significantly - which pushed the average per-pack price to well over $11. That state law, too, has been copycatted in several other states across the country.
      • In 2013, Bloomberg tried to raise the legal smoking age in New York from 18 to 21. Just a few years later, President Trump would finally make Bloomberg’s dream come true at a national level due to extreme political pressure from the left.
      • Bloomberg didn’t believe that people should be drinking such sugary drinks. So, he tried to force the 7-11 convenience store chain to stop selling The Big Gulp.
      • Bloomberg hated tanning salons so much that he launched an offensive to warn New Yorkers of the dangers of tanning beds and overexposure to UV radiation. Really? As Mayor of New York, surely, he had better things to focus on.
      • At one time, Bloomberg even banned cell phones in public schools. Even Bloomberg’s successor as Mayor of New York (and a fellow Democrat) Bill de Blasio blasted the ban as foolish.  De Blasio is quoted as saying, "How on Earth are parents going to monitor…keep on top of their kids if their kids don't have cell phones?"

The cell phone ban did not last long.  It was repealed almost immediately after Bloomberg left office.  But these are just a few of the invasive Nanny State laws that Bloomberg supports.  Bloomberg and other politicians like him should let vapers worry about vaping and move on to other, more important issues – like healthcare or the Opioid crisis.  Did then not learn anything from the decades of criminalized marijuana?

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