Hypocrite-in-Chief Cuomo’s 2020 plan: legalize pot, ban nicotine ‘vaping’ despite THC-lung deaths

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for legalizing recreational marijuana, as long as there are federal regulations in place like there are for nicotine-based vaping products.  The trouble is that the use and possession of cannabis is still considered illegal under federal law.  Yes, there are numerous states that have legalized medical and recreational pot, but the only reason that millions of weed enthusiasts are not sitting in jail right now is because the feds appropriately choose to look the other way.

One of the dwindling numbers of states where recreational marijuana is still illegal is New York, home of the vaping-hating Governor Andrew Cuomo.  On Wednesday, the Hypocrite-in-Chief announced his 2020 plan to create a new state agency that will oversee the medical and recreational pot, CBD, and hemp industries.  He wants to name it the Office of Cannabis Management. 

Cuomo still wants to ban nicotine-based vaping flavors though – all of them.

According to Cannabis Wire, Cuomo believes that legalizing marijuana in the state of New York “has the potential to have a significant economic impact on distressed areas in New York, creating thousands of new jobs, spurring billions in economic activity and generating an estimated $300 million in tax revenue when fully implemented.”

Okay.  Sounds good, right?  But where was this same concern for jobs creation, economic activity, and millions of dollars in new tax dollars when Governor Cuomo tried and failed to enact a statewide ban on all flavored nicotine-based vapor products earlier this fall?  

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Just as the mainstream media was beginning to report in early September of a “vaping-related” lung illness plaguing hundreds of teenage criminals who were caught illegally “vaping,” Cuomo immediately signed an executive order banning all flavored vapes.  In the press release announcing this emergency executive action, the Cuomo Administration made several, very aggressive, and quickly disproven allegations about the vape shop owners of New York.

“New York is confronting this crisis head-on and today we are taking another nation-leading step to combat a public health emergency.  Manufacturers of fruit and candy-flavored e-cigarettes are intentionally and recklessly targeting young people, and today we're taking action to put an end to it. At the same time, unscrupulous stores are knowingly selling vaping products to underage youth - those retailers are now on notice that we are ramping up enforcement and they will be caught and prosecuted."

To be clear, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and later the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have both confirmed that the culprit behind the “vaping-related” lung scandal was not nicotine-based vapes but rather THC-containing cartridges.  THC is the psychotropic ingredient of cannabis – the very industry that Cuomo is now so warming embracing.

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Again, don’t get me wrong.  I fully support the legalization of marijuana – recreational, medical, or otherwise.  Cannabis and hemp have multiple documented therapeutic health benefits. 

Long live legalized recreational weed, implies Gov. Cuomo.  Smoke it. Hit it with a bong. Stuff it in your brownies and eat it.  Heck, he’ll even set up a special state agency that will make it safe for you to vape it.

Just stay away from that evil nicotine-based, alternative smoking cessation products called nicotine vapes. Keep smoking instead.  After all, combustible tobacco cigarettes have a “significant economic impact on distressed areas in New York, creating thousands of new jobs, spurring billions in economic activity and generating an estimated $300 million in tax revenue when fully implemented.”

The man has no shame.

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