Huffhines Update: Judge refuses reduced bail for suspect in ‘vaping related’ THC scandal

On Labor Day weekend, a young Wisconsin man named Tyler Huffines posted a Snapchat video of himself was getting ready to board a plane to California.  He was boasting of carrying a suitcase stuffed with over $300,000 in cash.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, state investigators were monitoring his every post on social media and surveilling his movements at his homes in Paddock Lake and Bristol, Tennessee.

On the day prior, they had watched Huffhines drive his new Lexus to an obscure location in upstate Wisconsin where he handed a mysterious man a package.  The package, informants had told the them, was part of an illegal drug deal. 

ARRESTED: Wisconsin man accused of running illegal THC vape cartridge op

By all accounts, Huffhines had a wonderful time on his August 28 trip to California where he purchased a 40-50 jars of THC oils.  But less than a week later, Tyler, 20, and his brother Jacob Huffhines, 23, would be arrested and charged with several counts of possession of cocaine, possession of firearms by a convicted felon, possession of drug paraphernalia, identity theft, and possession of THC with intent to distribute among other drug trafficking-related crimes. 

Wisconsin: Ground Zero of the ‘vaping related’ lung disorder

Around the same time, the mainstream media was just beginning to report on a grossly inaccurate news story about a mysterious “vaping related” respiratory disorder making its initial appearance in the state of Wisconsin.  While the lung injuries would eventually affect patients across the country and in all 50 states, Ground Zero has always been Wisconsin.

The CDC was initially vague in its early public warnings about the true cause of the disorder. All that CDC officials would say is that American consumers should avoid all vapor products – even the FDA-regulated, nicotine-based ones.

After months of intentional misinformation circulating throughout mainstream and social media, the nation’s top public health agency was forced to make a startling admission. Just last week, the CDC finally confirmed that 124 THC-containing products had been directly linked to the respiratory disease scandal.  Zero of those products were nicotine-based vapes.

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According to NBC News, the Huffhines brothers were the ringleaders of a massive Black Market enterprise which manufactured and sold approximately 3000-5000 contraband THC cartridges per day.  But they could not pull off an operation of this magnitude without some help.  Their first call was to their own mother, Courtney Huffines.

As a licensed realtor, Ms. Huffhines helped her sons rent a facility and a condominium in the local area using a fictious name.  She would eventually be charged as a co-conspirator in the illegal drug ring, allegedly being responsible for much of the business operations.

Friday the 13th

By mid-November, a total of eight people would be arrested for their involvement in the high-tech marijuana operation.  The latest was a 20-year old man named Wesley Webb who was charged for the illegal manufacturing and delivery of over 10,000 grams of THC oil.  Webb was alleged the theoretical Transportation Manager for the Black Market Enterprise – otherwise referred to in the criminal world as a Bag Man. 

Since that Thursday after Labor Day 2019 when the Huffhines brothers were arrested, they have been spending their time in state custody.  Tyler and Jacob might have been released by now if they could post an approximate bond of $500,000 each.  Neither one of them had the money apparently because Tyler’s lawyer had recently asked the courts to lower the bond to a more reasonable amount.

On Friday the 13th, December 2019, the judge refused the request.  The next court date is set for June.

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 (Image courtesy of Kenosha News/Paul Williams)

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