Gottlieb drags another 21 vape companies into FDA probe over ‘teen vaping’

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the direction of Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is targeting another 21 vape companies for its recently launched probe into teen vaping.  Distributed by the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), this latest series of letters follows a previous 5 letters sent just last month on September 12 to Juul, Vuse, MarkTen XL, Blu and Logic 60.

Each of the now-26 vaping retailers must provide information to the FDA on how they plan to curtail underage vaping and sales in the future.   The FDA is also demanding evidence of the companies’ prior marketing campaigns along with other federally-required documentation related to commercial distribution.  The announcement came via an FDA press release entitled CPT Letters to Industry where each individual letter is available for public viewing.  The latest 21 vape companies include the following.

  • Letter to American Vapor LLC
  • Letter to Baton LLC
  • Letter to Black Mountain Fulfillment LLC
  • ECS Global LLC
  • Eonsmoke LLC
  • Fontem USA Inc.
  • Kandypens Inc.
  • Kretek International Inc.
  • Logic Technology Development, LLC
  • Magellan Technology Inc.
  • Maja Flava Vape Den
  • MMS ECVD Distribution LLC
  • Myle Vape Inc.
  • Reynolds American Inc.
  • Sutra Vape
  • SV3 LLC
  • Vertigo Vapor LLC
  • VGOD Inc.
  • VMR Products LLC
  • Xfire Inc.
  • ZLab S.A.

Each of the 21 recipients has only 30-days to respond to the FDA.  The original 5 recipients from September 12 were given a 60-day deadline.  So, theoretically, the entire FDA probe should wrap up in a month.  If this mathematical strategy is correct, then the chances of a third wave of CTP warning letters being sent in the future appears unlikely.  But this is the FDA.  There is nothing stopping Gottlieb from creating another anti-vaping probe of similar kind in the coming months. 

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