GOP’s Norquist warns Trump Administration against vape bans and ‘flavor ban pushers’

On July 1, New York will become the fourth state in the union to banish flavored vape products from its marketplace.  A statewide flavor ban has been a long-time pet project of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and many are accusing the Democratic lawmaker of politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to finally achieve his duplicitous objectives. 

While some public health experts were initially warning that smoking and vaping might lessen a person’s immunity system and put them at higher risk of contracting the virus, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA() quickly walked those accusations back.  Yes, the smoking of combustible cigarettes puts one at higher risk, but vapor products likely have little to no effects.  Cuomo pushed forward with the flavor ban anyway.

Americans Against Tax Reform warns of possible financial ruin of thousands of vape shops

Republican strategist and founder of Americans Against Tax Reform (ATR), Grover Norquist, is warning the Trump Administration to not fall for the bait.   The motto of the ATR is, "The government's power to control one's life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized." Controlling one’s ability to vape is also something that the organization demonizes.

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In a video compilation of local news reports released by the ATR, Norquist claims that approximately 300 local vape shops in Pennsylvania alone will be “devastated” by this sort of “Obama-era” nonsense should the Trump Administration follow the Cuomo’s lead and ban all flavored vapes. 

  "The people behind this Obama-era flavor ban are about to push President Trump into traffic and walk away…
"The flavor ban pushers do not understand how personal and intense this issue is to millions of adult vapers who will vote next year. As shown by our compilation of local news reports, state-imposed flavor bans are already devastating main street vape shops, their employees, and their adult customers who use flavors in order to quit smoking. These adults are a highly motivated voting block who will punish any politician that imposes a flavor ban."

As the 2020 Election grows ever nearer, swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin will become crucial for Trump’s reelection efforts.  As of this writing, the polls in Pennsylvania show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden within the margin of error against President Trump.  Strategists like Norquist fears that implementing a nationwide flavor ban in the last few months before the election may push Pennsylvania voters right into the arms of the democrats.

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In the ATR video package, Norquist talks of a news report suggesting that a statewide flavor ban will "put more than 300 vape shops across Pennsylvania out of business, causing a ripple effect for employees and their communities."   He then references the state of Massachusetts which has witnessed the financial ruin of hundreds of small vapor businesses after Governor Charlie Baker first issued a “temporary” ban in late 2019.  The temporary version would soon become permanent with the governor’s signing pf anti-vaping legislation approved by both houses of congress in December of the same year.

Norquist then quoted a local vape shop owner’s devastating conversation after first learning that the sales of flavored vapes would be forever illegal on Massachusetts.  "Ten years of hard work gone in like five minutes since the ban started. Our bank accounts are depleted. Our credit cards are maxing out. We have no cash to sustain the business anymore."

During the Christmas holidays last year, President Trump signed an executive order banning only the sales of flavored pod-style systems like VUSE and JUUL.  Open-tank devices using separately bottle flavored e-liquids remain legal – for now.

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