Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Trump vaping ban is an ‘affront to personal freedom’

President Trump seems to be facing some significant pushback from several members of his own party regarding his planned federal ban on flavored vaping products.  Instead of focusing on the documented cause of the recent outbreak of mysterious lung injuries– THC or marijuana vaping - Trump wants to ban flavored nicotine-based vapes instead.

It’s not really the president’s fault entirely.  Like millions of Americans, he’s fallen victim to misguided and grossly misinformed journalists in the mainstream media.   Attention-grabbing headlines of a “vaping-related” lung disease have been filling social media for months now, and Trump is never far away from his Twitter feed.

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Since his White House press conference of September 11 where he first announced his intentions to ban flavored vapes, the president is finally learning the truth about the real cause of the mysterious lung disease.  Trump likely knows by now that it’s due to the vaping of Black Market THC, but the American Public - including his own wife - has already swallowed the mainstream media bullshit that nicotine vaping is the newest, deadliest plague affecting American youth.

This leaves Trump in a bind.  He needs to ban something, or his September 11 press conference will make him appear aloof.  Plus, a significant percentage of his Republican base really, really wants to ban vaping.  After all, they’ve read the same Fake News reports that Trump has.

THC vaping is already ‘banned’ at the federal level

To make matters even more difficult, the federal government of the United States does not officially recognize medical or recreational marijuana as being legal.  Federal law enforcement agencies like the DEA simply choose to ignore prosecutions of possible violations of federal marijuana laws in states where the industry has been legalized.

Co – technically – Trump cannot ban THC-vapor products even if he wanted to because – technically - THC vapor products are already banned at the federal level.  It’s a Catch-22.  So, nicotine vapes become Trump’s perfect scapegoat.

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Here’s where Fox News comes in to attempt to help Trump out of his anti-vaping quagmire. Everyone knows that Trump watches Fox News more than any other television network.  Fox personalities like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are even believed to have a direct phone line to the president.  Whenever Trump begins to veer off-track into a weird direction, it is very often Fox News hosts who pull him back into reality by airing a controversial segment on the issue-at-hand.

Last Monday, senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Nation’s Liberty Files where he weighed in on the Trump administration's plan to federally ban the sales of non-tobacco flavored vapor products in a supposed effort to curb teen vaping.   Instead of focusing on contraband THC-enhanced vapor products, Napolitano took a different approach.  According to the judge, banning vapor products is simply non-American and an "affront to personal freedom and responsibility."

"Freedom of choice is ingrained in the fabric of our society and is essential to the concept of limited government…”
"Law-abiding adults should be free to do as they please as long as they understand the consequences of their actions, and if they don't harm others by their actions...that even includes picking up unhealthy habits such as smoking and vaping…"
"While such a ban may be insignificant to those who don't smoke we need to examine the broader implications of what happens when everyday freedoms are restricted by the government...organized crime, economic downturn, black markets, and even violence."

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To be clear, no other nation on the planet is reporting such mysterious “vaping-related” lung infections.  It’s only happening here in the United States.  Meanwhile, President Trump is already facing an impeachment probe, being chastised by his former BFF Lindsey Graham for taking the troops out of Syrian, and witnessing his own lawyer Rudy Giuliani essentially implode on national television on a daily basis. 

The last thing that Trump needs right now is a vaping ban that his own party doesn’t even want.  Last week, The Hill reported that Republican Sen. Richard Burr thinks that a Trump flavor ban would hurt small businesses and should be avoided at all costs.  Burr is also the head of the GOP-controlled Intelligence Community in the Senate – a man who will play a very crucial role in Trump’s impeachment.  Pissing off Burr – or even Fox’s Judge Napolitano – is not really a viable option.

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