Former Trump Official: FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb has ‘lost his mind’ over vaping ban

Matt Braynard is a former Data Chief and Strategist for President Donald Trump, and he also seems to be a very staunch and vocal advocate for vaping.  In a recent interview with The Hill, the ex-Trump official suggests that Commissioner Scott Gottlieb of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must have lost his mind for attempting to regulate the American vaping industry out of business.

Under the direction of Gottlieb, the FDA has been pummeling vaping retailers and manufacturers in recent months with a series of probes, investigations, and site inspections amid accusations of kid-appealing marketing practices.  The FDA also openly suggests this surge in teen vaping will theoretically act as a gateway to adult smoking addiction somewhere in the future. 

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However, FDA officials always fail to make clear how hooking teenagers on combustible cigarettes somehow benefits the American vaping industry in any way whatsoever.  Braynard appears to find the FDA Commissioner’s argument rather ridiculous, as well.

“What the FDA chief is proposing here — Scott Gottlieb — is not to, say, limit teenagers from being able to buy this, it’s not educating people it might be harmful but to banning it entirely for everybody including adults, which seems to me that he has lost his mind.”
“(FDA commissioner Gottlieb) is formerly of the AEI [American Enterprise Institute], a very free market institute, and if he just consulted with his former doctor and AEI scholars...who have written extensively on the minimal risks of these nicotine vape products compared to cigarettes – which are incredibly dangerous and have been killing people for over 100 years, (he) would understand that banning this product from the market wholesale will have tremendous costs.  There is great risk reduction by allowing these products on the market.”

This most recent outpouring of support of vaping by Mr. Braynard comes in response to a September 12 press announcement by the FDA calling teen vaping a national “epidemic.”  The press release also states that as many as 1,100 vaping-related businesses across the country recently received official FDA warning letters regarding the sales of juuls and other vaping products to minors.  Another 131 establishments even received financial penalties for repeated misconduct.  The full video of the Braynard interview taking place on September 13 – the day after the FDA press release - can be viewed via The Hill

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